Fashions Finest’s first panel discussion hailed a success


by Matt Parker

This season Fashions Finest hosted their first panel discussion ‘Let’s talk Fashion Business’. ‘Let’s Talk Fashion Business’ is an interactive discussion including Q&A to offer help and advice for emerging brands to grow their business.

This season the panelist were Tracey Sayer fashion director at the Sun’s Fabulous Magazine, US fashion consultant Shelly Pick, celebrity stylist Bernard Connolly and founding director Zack Sartor of ApparelTASKER a garment production service.

The biggest challenges for new brands are getting visibility, attracting buyers and making sales. ‘Let’s Talk Fashion Business’ gave an opportunity to connect with seasoned industry professionals who can offer insights and advice about growing a fashion brand. The discussion focused on marketing, social media, branding, buyers, manufacturing and sales. Visitor numbers exceeded expectations.

Panelist US Fashion Consultant Shelly Pick said: “It was a very good experience tonight night. Thank you for including me.The questions were much more emotional than I had expected or encountered before. So much more work to be done.”

Visitors were impressed with concrete practical advice given by Bernard Connolly, Shelly Pick, Zack Sartor and Fashion Director Tracy Sayer.