The fastest ‘speedcubing’ nations went head to head last Saturday …


The fastest ‘speedcubing’ nations went head to head on Saturday 15 July at the Rubik’s Nations Cup in Paris, France. Team Germany won the first Nations Cup with an overall combined time of 25.71 seconds.

Throughout the 35-year history of competitive speedcubing, entrants have solved the iconic puzzle alone, but the new Rubik’s Nations Cup format saw teams of three complete the Rubik’s Cube in relay. The prizes were presented by the legendary creator of the Rubik’s Cube, Ernő Rubik.

72 teams from 42 countries competed. Countries with larger speedcubing communities registered multiple teams. Twins Sebastian and Philipp Weyer (19) plus Cornelius Dieckmann (22) from Germany were the overall winners narrowly beating Australia to the top spot.

In teams of three, the members solved one 3x3x3 cube one after the other. The winning team was the team with the best combined score. The Rubik’s Nations Cup has not been staged before, there are no recorded times for relay solving. The scores achieved this weekend will now set the template for every Rubik’s Nations Cup in the future.