Film Producer and 007 authority Jonathan Sothcott backs Martin Campbell to replace Danny Boyle


Following Boyle’s parting company with James Bond producers EON for the next instalment in the spy franchise, independent film producer and James Bond expert Jonathan Sothcott backed Martin Campbell, who helmed both Goldeneye and Casino Royale, to fill the vacant director’s chair.

Sothcott tweeted “Personally I never thought it (Bond and Boyle) was a good fit – get Martin Campbell back.”

In response to our request for further comment he said “the director can never be bigger than the franchise. Traditionally Eon groomed their editors or second unit directors to direct the films, or hired old pros rather than blockbuster makers or auteurs. I really think the last few Bonds have lost the heart of what Bond is about and Boyle would probably have taken it even further away. Campbell has reinvigorated the franchise twice now and is just the right guy to pull this all together. I’d love to see Christopher Nolan have a crack at it at some point but can’t see him stepping in now.”

Pressed on how might succeed Craig as Bond, Sothcott said “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Daniel Craig does one more after this. Its hard to run away from success and there really isn’t an obvious successor, despite what certain very vocal sections of the media would have you believe. But I think the franchise would benefit from a lighter leading man – a Roger or a Pierce.”

Sothcott worked with the late Sir Roger Moore on a number of occasions and acted as consultant on the Bond reference book Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – The Unofficial James Bond companion.

Sothcott’s latest film, The Krays – Dead Man Walking is released on DVD on September 10th.