First interactive map to help NHS staff and key workers in London find offers on bikes and repair services


Key workers across London can now find stores that offer deals on cycles and equipment as well as bike repair and maintenance services available in their local area, with an online map launched today.

The UK-wide map was produced by the walking and cycling charity Sustrans to make cycling easier for key workers as they travel to and from work each day.

A single repository of information, the map provides details about: on offer cycles and equipment; free or discounted repair and maintenance services; free and discounted bike sharing schemes; and the bike stores that remain open. It also features links to tips on how to cycle and walk to work for new riders and other useful information.

Currently, around 40% of the UK workforce are classed by the UK Government as key workers, including NHS employees, cleaners, carers and supermarket workers.

Following the UK-wide lockdown announced by the Government last month, bicycle shops were one of the few retailers listed by the Government to remain open, if they wish to, to ensure transport for key workers and last-mile deliveries can be maintained.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the cycling industry has come together to provide vital assistance and offers on cycles and services to key workers to say thank you for their invaluable work and support in these difficult times.

If you are a key worker in London and need bike related assistance or access to a bike to get to work during the crisis, visit:
In order to ensure key workers have access to all the schemes and offers currently available, Sustrans is calling on all organisations offering free or discounted bikes and services, to get in touch by emailing .