First Mile Encourages Londoners to ‘Wake Up’ to Air Pollution Issues

In 2018, London surpassed the annual air pollution quota within a matter of days. Despite Mayor Sidiq Khan pledging to make the quality of London air better, with a range of progressive schemes and city wide restrictions, London looks set to exceed the air pollution quota for 2019, within the first month.
There are some startling facts about the damaging effects of Air Pollution of the City of London. As such, First Mile CEO Bruce Bratley has made a pledge to help clean up London. First Mile is using innovation to make their routes shorter, their emissions lower with high spec. vehicles, and efficiency models to ensure an overall reduction in their contribution to air pollution.
Bruce is encouraging Londoners to ‘wake up’ to the reality of this as an issue affecting everyone.

Founded in 2004 by Bruce Bratley, First Mile makes it easy for UK businesses to recycle and improve corporate sustainability. Serving over 25,000 customers, First Mile focuses on aiming to close the loop where possible.

They are at the forefront of the waste industry, investing in technologies and continually innovating to transform how businesses recycle, manage waste and reduce their impact on the environment.

First Mile can recycle over 20 different types of materials, from the usual suspects of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and food, to the more obscure such as crisp packets, coffee pods, light bulbs and cooking oil.

First Mile recycle 66% of all material collected – the average in London is 30%. With a no landfill policy, anything that can’t be recycled is turned into green energy.