First Mile Releases Image of Air Pollution Damage to Oxford Street

Following on from First Mile CEO Bruce Bratley urging Londoners to take Air Pollution seriously, in light of the annual air pollution quota for London repeatedly being surpassed in January, First Mile has released a new image to illustrate the reality of the scale of the problem.
The image above is a harrowing depiction of what London could look like if initiatives to help tackle air pollution are not taken seriously. The images represents what the future of London could look like if business and consumers let responsibility for pollution and emissions fall by the wayside. Those living in London need to wake up to the effects of air pollution, not just for our overlay health but also for the infrastructure of London. The image therefore depicts what London could look like if we do not take responsibility.
Currently First Mile is London’s only small business which has taken action on air pollution and the only company to already have initiatives and schemes in place inline and ready for the Ultra Low Emission Zones coming into force in April. Toxic air must be cut to protect the health of the next generation.Air pollution in the UK currently causes 40,000 early deaths a year,9,000 in London.
It has further been linked to a growing number of health conditions. Recent research has already confirmed that air pollution is harmful for those who are pregnant, increasing the risks of miscarriage and premature births. Data from Asthma UK has also found that Asthma attacks are also three times as common as previously thought, demonstrating the true impact of air pollution. A large percentage of this pollution comes from traffic. The UK’s first Ultra Low Emissions Zone coming into play across the city is a vital initiative to help tackle the problem and one that has been described as a public health emergency.