Five Advantages of Using a Truck Hire for Your Next Office Move


Moving offices is a large and important decision for a company to make. It can be an exciting transition as a company moves to new or bigger digs, but it can be a complicated and intricate task to move all office equipment and staff while minimizing disruption to the business operation.

Why Move Offices?

The global pandemic and increase in work-from-home arrangements have led to a dramatic restructuring of the nature of the office. Businesses may now find that they need smaller office space or reconfigured space to accommodate their workforce needs. In a survey of UK business managers, nearly 75 percent said they believed the effects of the pandemic would result in businesses downsizing to smaller offices.

Moving to new offices may be a stressful step, but take heart that it will eventually have a positive payoff for you and your staff. In one survey, most employees said moving offices had an overall beneficial effect on them and their team. It can lead to shorter commutes, more efficient use of space, and increased comfort and productivity.

Benefits of Hiring a Truck for Your Office Move

Large multinational corporations often hire relocation companies to handle all moving logistics. According to SC Vehicle Hire companies that decided to outsource the moving office process to experts in the field experienced less headache and costs. Below I listed the major advantages of hiring a company to help you move your office.


If you have small offices, the biggest cost savings can come from hiring your own truck and moving your own equipment. Professional office relocation services can be extremely expensive and if you’re on a budget you may find that it’s more cost-effective to DIY. Companies can provide a reliable estimate of the truck size that you’ll need and can help you find the best price.


If you’re hiring your own truck, you can hire it for a time that suits your work needs the best, not be dependent on a moving company’s schedule. Moving is a big endeavor, so it is imperative that you schedule it at a time that will result in the least disruption to staff or clients or overall business operations.


Every business no matter how large or small has valuable equipment to protect in a move. This may be the office computers, file cabinets, specialty equipment, or even just the desks and ordinary office furniture. Any damage to these can be not only expensive but catastrophic to your business operations. Hiring your own truck can ensure that you are in full control at all times of all your valuable work items.


If you’re doing a cross-country move or even just moving to a nearby area, truck hires companies can offer drop-off and pick-up at multiple locations, saving you time and hassle. Pick up your truck near your old office and return it near your new one!


This may sound odd, but engaging your staff in the truck hire and other move logistics can benefit office culture. Creating an Office Move Team and giving employees input into the process can make them feel empowered and energized and in control over their workspace. This may not mean that they have to move the boxes themselves, but letting employees help choose the truck hire can result in a positive emotional payoff.

Moving offices doesn’t have to be a chore. It can represent an exciting transition for your business model and a way to build employee productivity and satisfaction. The logistics can be daunting so keep the benefits of a truck hire in mind as you plan your big relocation!