Five Best Sports Betting Strategies Live and Pre-match Sports Betting Strategies



Sports betting strategies do not guarantee a win. But be sure: it is impossible to win without a strategy at all. An impulsive and chaotic betting game means an unreasonable waste of money, an ill-considered choice of outcomes in matches, attempts to compensate for several losses with one win. We will tell you about the five best betting strategies that you can use to secure that cash!

Catch-up betting strategy

Catch-up is the most popular sports betting strategy. The goal of the catch-up is to make a profit equal to the first bet by increasing the bet amount after losing.

The classic catch-up option is that you double the bet after each failure. The betting coefficient is always 2.00. The first successful bet will allow you to return what you lost and achieve the goal. After that, you start catching up from the beginning.

The starting bet amount should be equal to 1-2 percent of the game pot. So you will have a margin to survive a series of several unsuccessful bets.

For example, you bet 100 pounds on a coefficient of 2.00. The bet does not go in. You raise the amount to 200 pounds and bet on the same coefficient. If you win, you will win back 100 pounds and get the same net profit. If the bet does not go in again, the next one will be 400 pounds, then 800 pounds — and so on until victory.

In the catch-up, you can adjust the amount of the bet and the coefficient. The bet amount can be calculated using the event coefficient. There is a simple formula for this: (current loss + target profit) / (coefficient – 1).

The catch-up is often used depending on a series of victories or defeats or on the total of goals. Any series ends sometime, so in theory, catching up is a win-win strategy. But in practice, it is such only with an unlimited bank and an unlimited maximum bet from a bookmaker, and this is impossible. A series of failures can drag on — and then there will not be enough money to make another bet. Nonetheless, this is one of the best sports betting strategies for beginners.

Ladder betting strategy

The essence of this strategy is the ascent from a small pot to a pre-planned amount of winnings. According to the rules, each time you need to bet the entire amount of the bank on low coefficients, about 1.20-1.30. You should be as confident as possible in the outcomes.

Let’s say you have 100 pounds, your goal is to turn them into 1000 pounds. You bet 100 pounds with a coefficient of 1.20, you win. Now you have 120 pounds. Bet with a coefficient of 1.30 – you get 156 pounds. And so on to the desired amount.

The main thing in this strategy is to select good bets. Because even a low coefficient does not guarantee a win. But since you risk a small amount with a high probability of winning the bet, this strategy is quite safe.

It is even safer if you use a no deposit bonus at casino, which you will receive immediately after registering with the bookmaker.

The strategy of betting on outsiders

According to this strategy, you should bet on the team or athlete whose chances are underestimated. It’s always an outsiderwhose chances are lower than the opponents.

Most players bet on favorites, and famous ones at that. The bookmaker’s algorithm understates the coefficient of such bets and increases the opposite. This makes some bets on outsiders profitable at a distance.

It is not necessary to put an outsider on a clean victory. In football, you can bet that an outsider will not lose, on his victory with a plus handicap or just on a goal. In tennis – on the fact that the underdog will win a set or a total of more games.

Anti-passage strategy

This is a betting strategy for express trains. It is resorted to when all bets except one have been won in the express. To do this, there is a simple formula: the amount of the anti-pass bet = (the amount of the bet on the express x the coefficient of the express) / the coefficient of the anti-pass bet.

To use the counter-move, the last match in the express must start later than the others. If it will be an event in which you are least sure – this is the best option! You will be able to fix the profit before time.

Corner Betting Strategy

The peculiarity of this betting strategy is that it works during the match. You bet in a football match on the total more corners for the team that loses.

It is necessary to place bets on the clear favorite, who is inferior in the score but can press the opponent to the goal. It is better when this team plays at home, where it is driven forward by the stands. If the team has a large striker on the field, and it acts with the help of canopies and shots from the flanks, then this is an ideal case.

Betting could definitely change lives for some people who bet serious cash, but it’s not guaranteed to be always in their interest too This is why we recommend sticking to this advice. Most importantly, never forget that betting is mainly done for the goal of excitement and is not considered as a job, have fun and bet responsibly!