Five ways to find talent abroad


Looking to hire someone overseas? As you may not be aware of the rules and regulations of every country, you may need legal and ethical platforms to guide your way to a good candidate. It is always recommended to reach out to reputable lawyers such as well known immigration lawyers in London to become aware of country work policies and work visas etc. You might want to consider these five platforms while making a choice.

  1. PEO

A Professional Employers Organization (PEO) is a platform that helps workers to find work overseas. Hiring jobs include payroll, benefits, compensation, administration, labor taxes, HR consulting, and more, all under local government laws. PEOs allow you to assign a job to a candidate abroad without any legal trouble and stress of communication.


⦁             With a PEO, you can easily source some of the best talent in the world. You can now make your business a global enterprise by hiring experts from anywhere in the world despite the fact they can work in your country.

⦁             The basic advantage of using a PEO is preventing the cost and complexity of hiring overseas, as their HR experts do everything.


⦁             This service is not free of cost and can oftentimes be expensive.

  1. LinkedIn

A network of over 313 million professionals in one place has made hiring and job hunting much more effortless.  With the search function on LinkedIn, you can find an ideal candidate anywhere worldwide (200 countries, to be precise).


⦁             Free employee registration and search via mobile and desktop tips. The “connect,” as the name suggests, allows you to connect with anyone via direct message function no matter where you reside in the world if you have an account.


⦁             It is sometimes considered unprofessional by some to send a direct message to anyone based on their LinkedIn profile. There is a chance that they may not be looking for work or have no interest in global work.

  1. Employment websites

Job sites are search engines that store job postings. Write your ideal sector and job on the engine and your preferred position and see the available functions.


⦁             It offers a great opportunity to find your employees with few clicks from the comfort of your very own office desk. You can look for your employees from anywhere in the world with the help of a search on your web browser.


⦁             Ob posting is usually not a free service offered, and the better the service, the more is the cost. Most employment sites work on a cost-per-post model. Search each site to see which payment option is best for you.


More than 250 million people turn to employment sites to search for jobs every month. You can hire employees for every department in more than sixty countries. Once you’ve created an account, advertising work is free, with the ability to update your paid job posting ( the budget is completely up to you).

⦁             Career jet

Career Jet is a leading recruitment platform with more than 40 million international job vacancies. Users can look for jobs in more than 90 countries across all sectors and experience levels. One post costs $ 100.00 (excluding tax and credit card fees) to post a 45-day list.

⦁             Glassdoor

We are sure you have already heard of Glassdoor as it is one of the largest professional platforms globally, with 64 million users from 190 different countries using the platform every month. It is free to post a job ad on this platform. However, you have to pay when the ad receives a candidate.


Gigajob is a leading online job platform promoting your job vacancies on over 100 local country sites. Ads on this platform are free and last for 30 days.

4 . Recruiters

Recruiters are people who connect companies and potential clients and typically work for a recruiting agency. For global recruiting, companies can contact recruiting agencies that have global connections to maximize their outreach.


⦁             Recruiters who have global networks can connect with potential candidates they would never have been able to contact.


⦁             Companies pay a fee to recruiters when they connect employers to the proper hiring. Rates may vary but are generally 10% of the selected candidate’s salary. Since recruiters don’t get paid until the hiring is complete, some will do whatever it takes to get their candidate over the line, even if they’re not a good fit for the business. If you use a recruiter, ensure your contract includes a clause that dues are not paid until the hiring passes the probationary period.


⦁             NPA

An international recruiting network that connects recruiters from around the world with employees seeking international opportunities.

⦁             Michael Page

Michael Page is an agency that has a global recruiting wing for its business. With 140 offices worldwide, they can launch their network anywhere to find you the perfect global employee.