Football Lads Alliance founder speaks out after 40,000 Marchers attended London march


John Meighan the Football Lads Alliance founder has spoken out after last weekend’s march which saw over 40,000 people including fans from nearly every football club in Britain as well as some from Europe marched from Park Lane to Westminster Bridge.

Meighan speaking on the issue with the agenda of the (so called) Independent newspaper, who seemed to be reporting with some prejudicial bias said “We also question the Independents motive for ‘’setting up shop’’ amongst the Stand up to Racism protestors who were incidentally only there for the FLA march. The FLA has a strong anti-racist stance and has no political or religious agendas. They oppose ANYONE who tries to impose their beliefs, will or politics on others via terrorist acts.”

After the success of the first march, the police were well-disposed towards the FLA saying the first march was well behaved and they expected this one to be no different. They were proven correct as there were no arrests.

Mr Meighan finished by saying “We should have the required infrastructure in place soon to cope with the ever-increasing demands that are being put upon us, as we strive to make our world a safer place. This movement is not going away and will grow as more like minded people join.”