Football Manager Skills That You Can Apply in Other Games


As a Football Manager player, you probably aim at winning it all. You’ve taken your local team up the leagues and led it to the Champions League trophy. You’ve built numerous teams, developed your style of play, and created quite a few tactics. The skills you’ve acquired while doing all this can also be applied in other games. Let’s take a closer look at what these skills are and how to benefit from them.

Strategic Analysis

Do you check stats after every match and look for ways to improve your tactics? Do you watch real-life games and try to replicate what some of the biggest managers in the football world are doing? Well, this type of strategic analysis has built a solid foundation for all other games that involve analyzing and thinking.

The ability to observe what’s going on in front of you and adjust accordingly can be helpful in online casino games. If you join a non-Gamstop casino to play poker (with higher stakes and better bonuses than you’ll find at local, UK-based casinos, according to Kane Pepi), you’ll be able to study other players just like you study your opponents in the game. You’ll find their weak spots and the best ways to tackle them. If you don’t want your club to know their Champions League-winning manager plays poker, just join an anonymous casino and keep your identity hidden.

This type of strategic analysis is equally useful in strategy games like Europa Universalis IV and tycoon games like Cities: Skyline II.


Throughout your managerial career, you’ve probably sold some of your regens for record fees. You might’ve also bought some of the world-class players for a bargain. Wheeling and dealing is one of the most important aspects of Football Manager and you can apply it in many other games.

Negotiating can help you when you play Monopoly with your friends and ensure you never settle for less than what you want. Numerous other board games include this negotiation element and there’s no doubt you’ll excel at all of them. The list includes Catan, Junta, I’m the Boss! and more.

Your Football Manager negotiating skills can even help you in real life. Try applying the same strategy you used when you sold that wonderkid to PSG the next time you’re in a job interview and get yourself a higher salary.


Best football managers are always on their toes. Over the years of playing Football Manager, you’ve learned how to adapt to any situation and still get those important three points. Flexibility is the key in every game that involves thinking, which means it’s your time to shine.

Strategy games are the best example of this. Titles in this genre are all about managing resources and being ready for battle. If you run out of gold or a rivaling nation attacks you unexpectedly, you have to think fast. Use the same thought process you used to make last-minute changes in big matches and you’ll do just fine.

In popular Battle Royale games, you have to adapt to changing safe zones, different weapon types, and enemy tactics. All those quick changes you had to make to your tactics will be helpful in those situations.


You’re not a true Football Manager player if you didn’t hold a press conference in your head after a big match. Some of us even dress up for big games and watch games further away from the monitor after getting a red card. Things like this tell you that Football Manager is one of the ultimate role-playing games out there.

If you’ve been playing the game for years, maybe it’s time to try assuming some new roles in games you haven’t tried before. You defeated Brazil in the World Cup final as the San Marino manager, you can also outsmart the scariest Darklor as a simple half-elf barbarian in Dungeons & Dragons.

You can also apply this skill in PC and console RPGs that involve actual role-play and various other tabletop RPGs.