Footballers And Their Families Sell Pre-Loved Clothes to Tackle Waste & Promote Change


An exciting new online platform giving football fans a chance to snap up clothing and kit owned by world-famous players and their families has just gone live.

Urging supporters to “Own the Gear, Own the Story,” the Footballers4Change homepage has been unveiled, with fans being encouraged to sign up and get in pole position for the very first drop of exclusive apparel and kit on April 4th.

Following this sneak preview, the inaugural four-day auction will then kick off on April 24th at 4pm, with all registered fans able to bid on unique, pre-loved items. Generously gifted by players and their families, proceeds from the clothing sold will directly benefit their chosen charities. Iconic players such as Luca Modric, Jamie Vardy and Mateo Kovacic are just some of those involved, and items donated to date include football jerseys and boots, plus high-end womenswear and children’s clothing.

Footballers4Change is also backed by Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta, whose partner Adriana says: “We have three children who outgrow their clothing so fast. This is a great platform to reuse this clothing and raise funds for a charity that we care about.” Meanwhile, Martina Čech, wife of legendary goalkeeper Petr, adds: “It’s all about recycling and sustainability at the moment and we are proud to support such a positive initiative.”

The first site of its kind to link auction items with footballers’ personal stories, the pioneering scheme encourages fans to own a piece of history – as well as the individual tale that each piece tells. All bidding will take place in a safe and secure environment, while the ethos of Footballers4Change promotes topical messaging about the need for greater sustainability, equality and social responsibility.

To ensure authenticity of the high-value clothing and accessories, an Advanced Forensic DNA chemical unique to Footballers4Change will be applied to each item. These invisible, synthetic DNA markings can be analysed for many years, and items will be individually coded and logged on a central database.

Founder Anoesjcka Gianotti says: “By giving fans the chance to be part of the players’ journey, we can use the power of football as an incredible collective force for change. Consumers today want purchases to have an attached meaning, and they look for products with the power to bring change. By offering fans and fashion lovers the chance to own the gear of greats as well as part of their story, we can all become true ambassadors of change.”
A leading entrepreneur and designer, Anoesjcka vision for the scheme stems from years of working in the fashion industry, as well as being the partner of retired Chelsea and Tottenham goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini. After regularly distributing Carlo’s gifted or sponsored clothing to good causes, South African-born Anoesjcka realised that fans would love the chance to own such items – especially if they knew the proceeds would go to a cause close to his heart.
Working to reduce the effects of damaging fast fashion, Footballers4Change is influenced by the United Nation’s Convention on Climate Change, which warns that the clothing industry contributes to around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, due to supply chains and energy-intensive production.

Following the unveiling of the Footballers4Change site, a major press launch event will follow this month. For more information and to be among the first to see auction items drop, register at