Foreigners are Relocating to Malta for Sunny Beaches and a Booming Economy


If you’ve been thinking about soaking up the sun in the Meditteranean, you should definitely consider relocating to Malta. The small island just south of Italy offers a booming economy and beautiful Sicilian scenery for tourists and residents. However, travelers are flocking to Malta to take advantage of the economic benefits.

A Small Island with Big Opportunities

Malta is as tiny as it is interesting. There’s a lot to do, including relaxing on one of its many sunny beaches. Nevertheless, it is an island, and that means it may seem a little cramped. While the population is just under 500,000– noticeably less than any European city, all of these people must fit within 122 square miles. This might be a deal breaker for people used to having a lot of space and isolation. The bright side is that you get a friendly island culture where you can eventually get to know all the locals.

One sign that relocating to Malta is a good idea is a historically low unemployment rate at just 3.7%. This is one of the lowest unemployment rates in all Europe which means there are many opportunities for work. Still, It’s a good idea to start applying for work before arriving. Malta’s residence and work permits require a proof of job offering.

Particularly, game development, online gambling and fintech (cryptocurrency) are currently thriving in Malta. Because of this, these are popular options for expats. There are also many opportunities for work in the tourism industry. One example are yacht tours which offer employment during high-peak seasons that see many visitors.

English Speakers Welcome

One of the great advantages of relocating to Malta is that English is one of the official languages on the island. According to statistics, about 88% of Maltese speak English, while the rest speak Italian. Because of this, there are many Brits currently living there and you won’t have to worry about learning a new language.

Living in Malta

If the small island life is something you’re looking for, the next thing to think about is where in Malta you want to live. Like any city, there are upscale, posh areas, and quieter districts outside of the urban center. If you like the excitement of an urban lifestyle, you might like Sliema and St. Julians located in the capital of Valetta. Here you’ll find all the nice condos with easy access to the beach.

If you’re looking for something more manageable (or cheaper) you might want to research the Gozo district. Gozo has some of the most affordable real estate perfect for those thinking about relocating to Malta after retiring.

But if going alone isn’t your style, and you’re thinking about taking the whole family, there’s also some great options. In particular, you can look into Swieqi, Pembroke, and San Gwann which are just outside of the capital. Here you’ll find more family-friendly options such as larger homes and some of the best schools.

There’s a lot to love about this tiny island, and now is the best chance to experience it for yourself. Beautiful scenery, a growing economy, and lots of relaxing make now a great time to think about relocating to Malta.