Four things that Winbet is known for among online bettors in Bulgaria


People who want to avail themselves of a trustedgambling website in Bulgaria will have access to a couple of betting operators. Some of them are a part of a larger corporation available elsewhere, whereas othersonly focus on the local market. Although some gamblersfavor foreign betting sites, apparently, WINBET is one of the leading betting brands in Bulgaria and is registeredin the country. The site is yet to offer its serviceselsewhere, which means it focuses all of its efforts onthe domestic market.

People who have yet to use Winbet probably think thatthis gambling company provides the same things likeother sites. There are some similarities, but the companyis notorious for a couple of special features that make itunique. So, let’s learn more about them.

1. The site offers one of the most advancedsecurity systems

Using a secure website for online betting should beeveryone’s top priority. Whether the given operatoroffers free bets or free spins, punters will have to make a deposit at some point

Winbet is aware that every gambling fan in Bulgariawants to use a safe and legit betting website. Therefore, the company offers a 256-bit encryption system, whichshould guarantee that your personal information staysaway from those who might want to use it to theiradvantage.

Of course, Winbet also has a license from Bulgaria’sNRA and it also offers safe and secure paymentoptions

2. One of the best sportsbooks

Every top gambling site in Bulgaria has to offer at least a couple of betting sections if it wants to survive in this industry. Although it may lack some of the options foundon some foreign gambling sites, the Winbet review forBulgaria will show you that the company is among the best for betting on sports.

With more than 30 options to choose from, you can findmuch more than football. Punters can wager on politics, badminton, darts, snooker, rugby, F1, cricket, and loadsof other options.

The number of markets is also impressive, but it usuallydepends on your preferred sport. Since most Bulgarianswager on football and the other popular sports in the country, Winbet pays more attention to them and offerspeople more options.

3. All-Inclusive promotions

If you look at some of the top-tier betting sites inBulgaria, you will notice a couple of similarities. One of them is related to the promo section and the fact thatevery company provides at least a couple of bonusesthat users can choose from

Since there are a couple of betting sections, most sitesdivide their promotions for each option. This might helpsonline punters, but others will get confused becausethey might think that a given proposal works for allsections.

In order to help people avoid situations like this, Winbetdecided to provide a special promotion known asAll-Inclusive”. The latter is a popular term used in Bulgariawhen people visit a hotel that offers them to eat anddrink three or more times a day.

This Winbet bonus comes in the form of additional fundsand free spins. What’s even more impressive is that itincludes each player’s first three transactions. In otherwords, Winbet will give gamblers a bonus after each of the first three deposits.

4. A separate eSports section

The last thing that Winbet is known for among onlinebettors in Bulgaria is its eSports section. There is noarguing that computer games will play an even moreimportant role in the future of online gambling. Sadly, many betting companies in Bulgaria are yet to offer this section, making Winbet even more special.

Clients can expect to find all of the popular games thatthey bet on. Counter-Strike and Dota 2 are usually the ones that people go for, but bettors can also choosefrom SC2, LoL, FIFA, and more. Needless to say, mosteSports matches offer a live stream and loads of markets.