Frank Lampard is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League history


There are many legendary names among the top scorers of the Premier League. However, they are all attackers. The only other player in the top 5 is legendary Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. You can easily watch football today events of his former team on the sports statistics website. Here, attention is paid to every confrontation.

To begin with, Lampard is a graduate of West Ham, and it was in this club that he made his first steps in the Premier League career. However, at 23 years of age, the midfielder moved to Chelsea to spend 13 seasons at Stamford Bridge, so most fans associate him with this London club.

By the way, today you can keep track of all football games on the proven statistical platform. With Chelsea, Lampard won 13 trophies. For example, he won the Premier League 3 times and also triumphed in the Champions League in the season 2011/12.

Frank has always scored a lot as a midfield player. And this is due not only to the fact that he was a regular penalty taker for the Blues. It is Lampard who holds the Premier League’s record for the number of goals scored from outside the box (41) . His long shots were often a problem for goalkeepers.

When the Englishman was already 35, Chelsea didn’t need him anymore and didn’t renew his contract. As a result, the midfielder spent his last season at Manchester City. By the way, there he performed quite well, which once again confirmed the fact that the Blues made a wrong decision when they didn’t renew the contract with him.

Successful game for many years

Over the years of his career, Lampard has become a true role model for many football players. In many ways, it was his productive actions and stable play that led to the fact that Chelsea were always in the top of the EPL table.

In total, the midfielder has scored 177 goals during his long and fruitful career in the Premier League. This is more than, for example, Thierry Henry scored.

This achievement was the result of a whole range of factors:

  1. Lampard’s stable play and lack of serious injuries. Thanks to this, the footballer could play in almost all matches.
  2. Interaction with top partners. During his career, Frank managed to be in the same team with many stars, for example, Didier Drogba, John Terry, Michael Ballack, Andriy Shevchenko, Florent Malouda, Claude Makelele. This list can go on and on.
  3. Perfectly delivered shots. Thanks to this, he succeeded in shots from a long distance.

Today Chelsea is at the top of the table EPL. However, Frank’s coaching career in the team cannot be called fully successful. However, his coaching path is still ahead of him, and all fans of Lampard’s talent don’t doubt it.