From Beans to Brews: The Story of America’s New Favorite Coffee


As shocking as it may sound, today’s coffee market value is 127 billion dollars. In America alone, around 150 million people rely on caffeine to rise, shine, and go through their day. The United States is one of the largest consumers of roasted and medium-roasted coffee beans. At homes and workplaces, the average American drinks two cups of coffee every day. At this point, it will not be unfair to say that coffee is a morning ritual of half of the Western population. 65% of the 150 billion caffeine loverscannot start their day without a sip of coffee.

Experts predict that during the next five years, the market value of coffee will continue to grow at a steady rate of 4.6%.Although Americans have been drinking it for years, newer and better trends are entering the market daily. For example, the famous cold brew coffee has more caffeine than regular ones and takes a whole day to brew.

With the ever-growing trend to find new and better ways to make coffee, the need for improved brewing methods and techniques is also on the rise. Luckily, this idea fell into the hands of two best friends from Queens who made it their mission to introduce Americans to new specialty blends. Stefanos Vouvoudakis and Tom Tsiplakos, the co-owners of For Five Coffee Roasters, started this venture with the vision of a one-stop coffee shop. It was the start of a journey that wouldinclude cupping, roasting, and importing coffee beans and supplying equipment and technical training to newly onboardbrewers.

Stefanos, President and CEO of For Five Coffee Roasters, started his career in the coffee industry by spending nine yearsresearching and gaining insight into the market. He initially took a job as a roaster in New Jersey, where he supplied coffee in the hospitality sector of New York. His consistent efforts landed him a lead sales position within the company, igniting his passion for discovering more about the specialty coffee scene in New York. He observed that only West Coastbased coffee companies were scooping up revenues here. He hoped to replace them with a local manufacturer delivering high-end coffee beans for both luxury and regional markets.

This is where the idea of For Five Coffee Roasters came into the vision. Stefanos then, with the help of his best friend and business partner, Tom Tsiplakos, started his mission to turn his dream into reality. Tom’s extensive experience in the linen industry was a great support in forging relationships with hospitality businesses and market giants.

The duo believed that high-end coffee bean production starts from the farm. They had to travel worldwide and hand-pick some of the best farms to get the highest quality of freshly picked green coffee beans. Each of the 30 combinations is made by roasting each bag individually for a constant time. Everyblend is made from beans grown at optimum temperatures in high-altitude regions that experience abundant rainfall, sunlight, and solid nutrients.

To ensure that their products are legal and free from harmful treatments such as the use of pesticides and ethical cultivation methods, For Five Coffee Roasters works through a series of guidelines, rules, and regulations to maintain the dignity and transparency of their supply chain. Thanks to Stefanos and Tom’s prior experiences in the industry, For Five Coffee Roasters has many strong relationships and resources around the globe. From tea leaves, coffee beans, and technical equipment, every supplier has to uphold health, safety, and environmental responsibility and maintain the end of their bargain.

For Five Coffee Roasters has strict rules for adulterated and mixed products and ensures customers that the coffee and tea imported from the US are impure-free. In an interview, Stefanos also explained that all their products from international producers comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. They also do not market beans containing GMOs as many consumers find it violates their right to safe food. They offer over eighteen different blends and single origins for espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew. They have also rolled out a cold brew can line, offering cold brew and nitro cold brew.

For Five Coffee Roasters began as a modest small facility in 2010 in Maspeth, Queens. After 6 years of developing the wholesale coffee program and building relationships with restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, and landlords across the tri-state area, Stefanos and Tom opened up their first retail location in Midtown Manhattan, with a location in downtown Manhattan at Brookfield Place following shortly after. They continue enriching their customers’ mornings and evenings with warm brews and exotic blends For Five launched their baking venture “For Five Bakehouse,” offering artisanal pastries and their famous stuffed cookie line. Followed by the instant success of their coffee roasters, Selected For Five locations also offer a full breakfast and lunch program filled with options for every kind of foodie. The business plans to upscale its existing franchises and cafes in Boston, Washington DC, Virginia, Long Island, Atlanta, Florida, and Illinois. The plan is to make more people fall in love with the For Five Brand. From the Five Boroughs, For the World.