Fuelling The Next Generation of London’s Physical Training Instructors


History will not let us forget how necessary fitness is for our health and well-being. The shift that the industry witnessed during the pandemic and subsequent recovery saw incredible market flux, none more than in London.

State of the PT market in London

According to  Health Club Management’s Fitness Industry Report,  2023 saw a 4% increase in Gym membership numbers despite Gym closures. This means the market for personal trainers has continued to increase in the UK.  Therefore, if you are a personal trainer or are thinking of becoming one, now is perhaps an excellent time to join the industry.

Why are personal trainers good for us?

Personal trainers are good for us because they keep us accountable to ourselves. Personal trainers will produce a customised training plan that works to improve your fitness and aesthetics in the areas that you would like to improve.

In fitness, we often have good and bad days; on the good days, we might question why we need personal trainer, but on the bad days, their value becomes apparent.

What makes personal training a good career?

Different types of people are more suited to careers in the office, but what makes personal training a good career for one could be different for another.  However, one consistent thing is how helping others can make you feel. If you are someone who can encourage people and enjoy their journey of change, then considering personal training as a career choice could be the best decision you ever make.

Here are some reasons personal training is a good career

  •  Often, you are self-employed

  •  If you love fitness, it could be the perfect job for you

  •  You get to do a physical job every day

  •  Once you have your core clients, you can choose the hours you work

  •  You can work from home

  •  You can choose your hours

  •  You are your own boss

Why is the next generation of London physical training instructors important?

The next generation of London physical training instructors is important because by training as a PT, they pledge to impact and change physical fitness for their clients. The level of knowledge that training instructors bring exceeds that of the average gym goer, so a PT can also save time and effort for those going to the gym. They can optimise your exercise plan, teaching you the right way – correcting and removing bad habits.

How can we help fuel physical training instructors?

The best way to help fuel physical training instructors is to make access to training as easy as possible. Many online and in-person training companies are set up to support PT training.

Companies like Mirafit supply commercial fitness equipment that is suitable for PT studios and commercial gyms, and they also have gym packages which allow for decent savings, which are welcome when you’re setting up in business.

A spokesperson from Mirafit said –  We enjoy working with PTs because they are passionate about the quality of their equipment and are always excited about new equipment and accessories.  But also because they are happy with our products, PTs also typically recommend us to their clients.

Are you considering a career change?

If you are considering a career change and are really into fitness or have actually considered becoming a personal trainer in the past, then choose an online personal training course from Norfolk Health & Fitness and get qualified.  That way, you can turn your passion into a career.  In London, there is an exceptionally high number of professionals who regularly go to personal trainers to assist them in their health and well-being and pay handsomely for the right trainer.

Taking the plunge

It can be a daunting proposition to take the plunge and change your career or to retrain, so considering the online course and the right equipment supplier means you reduce the risk to yourself and your family.  It also means you can fit around your existing job.

MyPTHub.net –

“57% of personal trainers say they have never felt stuck in their training career.”

The average salary for a personal trainer in the UK is 30K per year.  A smaller percentage is able to achieve around £56,000 per year.  Some personal trainers have reported annual incomes of a hundred and 108k annually.


If costs put you off, then you can consider bursaries, funding and payment plans for courses; in some areas, there are even grants for underrepresented personal trainers.  EMD UK is the national governing body for group exercise. They have a huge amount of information on bursaries and funding, which can be found here: [emduk.org/bursaries-funding-and-payment-plans]

What about the pros and cons

There are pros and cons to any job, and you must seriously consider how personal training will fit within your schedules.  PTs often work early before nonworking hours and later after work in the early evening.  Some will also work over lunch breaks to maximise the amount of active hours they can work in a day.  It is important to ensure that your hourly rate reflects the amount of time you will be able to work.  If you work as a private PTU, you may struggle to fill your entire day, so charge accordingly.  If you are a PT at a gym chain, then you will need to work more hours to cover the associated charges before making any profit.  This can range from £500 to £800 per month.

It is these types of charges that have encouraged many physical training instructors to consider working from home or from a studio environment.  In the long run, this can actually cost less and provide you with an asset.


For an active person excited by fitness or struggling with a desk job, PT’ing could be for you. We’ve learned that there are many pros and cons and provided some real-life tips and statistics to support this article. We have given examples of online courses and equipment providers.  We have discussed possible bursaries or grants depending on your background.  We have explained the difference between a studio set-up and a commercial gym set-up and some gym costs.