Fundamentals of respect, subordination, and leadership in the army for young soldiers


Army service means different things to different people, but everyone will agree that this is an important institution that makes us safe and secure. It is always better to prepare for war to avoid one, and over the centuries basic or advanced training has evolved just for this purpose. Today, men or women can join the troops if they will that patriotic fire in their hearts and the unquenchable desire for serving their country. Joining the military is a big step in one’s life and it shouldn’t be taken for granted or as just another job opportunity. Young soldiers should know what are they getting themselves into and learn some subordination or leadership principles before swearing an oath.

The Need For Authority

It is needless to say that an institution that is designed to defend our country needs some firm leadership rules in place. These rules are all about subordination, accepting authoritative behavior, and strict discipline. Orders must be followed without questioning which may be counterintuitive for those prone to critical thinking. This is why reading any army leadership essay and educating on these matters before making your decision to join the army can be a good idea. Being a soldier is not just about firing from machine guns, but also about building a certain mindset of a warrior, and reading some essay examples can help you with that.

We all have an innate dislike for authority so those who join must understand that there is no place for a large ego in the military unless you are a five-star general. Fresh recruits are expected to obey and stay in a good shape during their basic training. Nothing will prepare you for this if you are a rebellious individual who doesn’t like being told what to do. If one doesn’t realize that strict rules apply in every army, maybe he should consider a different career. All great military history writers agree that to give orders one must learn to obey first.

Leadership Is Not About Authority

Those in power who want to develop good relations with their subordinates learned to adapt their management styles over the course of time. This relationship between officers and common soldiers requires mutual respect and admiration. We are talking about respect and honor that need to be among core values in every modern military. College students who are thinking about army service must study any essay paper they can find about these matters for better understanding. These are basic requirements for a solid organization to exist on good values and principles.

As any army evolves, the focus of leadership shifts toward creating a more brotherhood-like structure where everyone feels equal but very conscious of their duty and obligations. This creates an environment where future soldiers accept authority better and without complaining. They know their roles and the purpose of all these rules or regulations plus they understand that orders are a part of our everyday jobs. That is a proper way to organize any institution, not just our military. Every modern army learns constantly from many corporate firms and applies their newest management principles in its practice.

Every Soldier Is A Student

As technology progresses, even military personnel must keep in touch with modern high tech solutions. Continuous education is a must these days, as military technology evolves as the traditional role of trooper changes rapidly. Many modern schools or universities offer fresh recruits a chance to research and study modern military tactics and essay papers on contemporary warfare. We require a solid fighting force that keeps evolving into an institution that guarantees the peace of our nation as well as the whole world.

Many army historians were writing about the importance of knowing your enemy or one’s ability for organizing counter-intelligence. These are those principles that drive new technologies plus the evolution of military doctrine. Maybe our forces are meant to constantly evolve until we reach some Star Wars level of technology. Until then, young soldiers around the globe will have to learn about the fundamentals of subordination, respect, and leadership.

If an army career is what you dream about, then we salute you. Only the best of the best get a chance to serve their country. Just be sure to know what is required of a future soldier. Go for it, if you think that you have what it takes for becoming a modern warrior.