Galliard Homes Launches Virtual Viewings Across £3.6bn London 6,500 Home Portfolio


Leading London developer Galliard Homes has partnered with on-line technology firm Reevo 360 to launch innovative guided virtual viewings for buyers across Galliard’s London portfolio of homes for sale; the virtual viewings enable the Galliard sales team to guide buyers through properties priced from just £299,000, without the purchaser needing to leave their home or the office.

Galliard has launched virtual viewings in light of the latest guidance from the Ministry of Housing and the Law Society on marketing and transaction procedures during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Developers with sales agents, working remotely/from home, can market properties via virtual viewings technology and remote telephone/video calls, and offers can be made and accepted. For unoccupied new build homes like those Galliard are marketing, once contracts are exchanged, transactions can continue without any delay since there are no existing occupier risks.

Potential buyers are sent a digital link for the Galliard property they are interested in viewing, along with a unique access code which connects the buyer’s screen to that of the Galliard sales agent. This enables the Galliard sales agent to speak to and interact with the buyer and take them on a professionally guided virtual viewing of the home for sale; with the sales person conversing and outline all the features and benefits of the property, and answering any buyer questions during the virtual viewing.

To access the virtual viewing the buyer can use any smart of PC device including smartphone/i-phone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC, connecting with Galliard from anywhere in the world. The virtual viewing is encrypted and secure and is unique to the buyer and Galliard sales agent. Like any viewing, the virtual tour can take however long the buyer requires whether that is 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour or more.