Game of Thrones Lives on 12 Months After Its TV Conclusion – Can Its Fame Continue?


While the final couple of seasons may have divided even the most hardcore fans, it is fair to say that HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones should still be regarded as one of the greatest TV shows ever made.

The series had a scale, scope and ambition beyond anything that has ever hit the small screen before, with its influence having a major impact on pop culture as a whole. In fact, you only have to look at the emergence of shows like Netflix’s The Witcher to see how it has become a major inspiration in the entertainment world.

An impact on London and beyond

It is quite interesting to note how Games of Thrones has particularly had an impact on London, with the city developing countless links to the famous show through the years. For example, the capital has played host to a range of different events linked to the series, ranging from pop-up tattoo studios to even an immersive music spectacular held at Electric Brixton last April.

Furthermore, the show made London resident Raleigh Ritchie, also known as Greyworm, a bonafide star, while some of the cast have also become regulars on the city’s stages. Perhaps most notably, the Mother of Dragons herself Emilia Clarke made her West End debut earlier this year in a version of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull created by Anya Reiss.

But while Game of Thrones has clearly left a significant legacy across pop culture, few are still be struggling with the Westeros-shaped hole in their lives, if purely because there are so many entertainment spin-offs to carry the series beyond the 12 months it’s been since the show concluded.

Preparing for The Winds of Winter

While the show may have come to a conclusion, the series of books on which it was based is famously not yet complete. George RR Martin is continuing work on the long-anticipated The Winds of Winter, with reports suggesting it could be finished by July. There are also plenty of rumours about what the book might include, and there’s nothing stopping you from joining in on the speculation while you wait for its release.

Choosing your own house

It’s not uncommon for major TV and film hits to generate a desire among their fans to become a part of the world they depict. In a similar way to how stores like Claire’s have developed products within the Harry Potter franchise, allowing their wearers to be a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, the concept of GoT houses has been adapted into all forms of alternative experiences through the years. Online slot machines regularly adopt themes to appeal to a wider spectrum of players, hence a Microgaming title now features among a selection of licenced titles available at Betway Casino. The game cleverly riffs on the plot of the show by allowing players to choose to represent one of its main houses. Your decision then impacts on the way that bonuses are awarded. Another variation on that theme are online quizzes at sites such as BuzzFeed which ask a series of questions to come to a decision on which GoT house you belong to, based on your personality, likes or dislikes.

Entering the history books

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in Westeros before the events of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin has put a spotlight on it in recent years with Fire and Blood. The book is described as a definitive history of the Targaryens and it is set 300 years before the events featuring Ned Stark, Jon Snow and the cast of characters we have grown to love.

Joining the gaming trend

Many different games based on the show have been created through the years, with an official board game existing alongside special versions of Chess and Monopoly. The latter was created by Hasbro and includes a range of clever touches, such as tokens based on the Great Houses and even a cardholder which plays the theme song. If video gaming is more your thing, you could try playing the RPG title Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall or the PC strategy game Winter Is Coming.

The battle continues

It may already feel like aeons since Game of Thrones came to an end on TV, but all of the above highlights how the universe linked to it continues to live on in so many ways.

There is a host of different options for people who still want to get their fix of the franchise and we hope the ideas above have given you some inspiration on how to keep your love for the show alive.