Geoffrey and Ambra Moore: the father and daughter using their fame for good


Geoffrey Moore has long been a fixture on London’s social scene – even before he founded celeb restaurant hush in Mayfair he was a regular tabloid fixture with his movie star looks and ready smile. Spells as an actor and musician eventually gave way to his career as a restaurateur where he used all the charm inherited from his late father, James Bond star Sir Roger, to make hush one of the go-to restaurants in London, which it remains in its twentieth year.

Geoffrey and his beautiful daughter Ambra, an actress, were in LA filming the mockumentary And The Winner Isn’t when they received news of Sir Roger’s passing.

Their film, a whacky, off-beat sojourn into the music business as they try to record a hit record and win an Oscar for it, was dryly humorous in the Moore tradition and Geoffrey and Ambra are compelling screen presences in it. Geoffrey – tall, tanned and dapper, so smooth he glides rather than walk, provides a real contrast to the very modern, chic Ambra. They are a great team both on and off screen. They didn’t win the Oscar but they took the song, U.N.I. (You & I) and produced a fun music video featuring dozens of celebrities lyp-synching and are releasing both to support UNICEF, the charity for which Sir Roger worked tirelessly as a roving global ambassador on a $1 annual salary.

Geoffrey explained “Making this single was a hugely enjoyable experience and it’s brought together many of my dad’s closest friends and our family. Now we want to use it to raise money for a good cause. My dad was a huge supporter of UNICEF and the wonderful work they do for children around the world and I’m proud of the legacy he has left us.”

The single costs just £1 to download with 30p going direct to UNICEF. Sir Roger dedicated his latter years to the charity, which he was introduced to by his friend Audrey Hepburn. Moore ushered in a new wave of high profile celebrity ambassadors including Ewan Mcgregor and Angelian Jolie.

visit to stream the video and download the single.