Glass Door Launches Christmas Appeal as Demand for their Homeless Shelters Increases by 28%


On Monday 5th November the Glass Door winter shelters for the homeless opened in London and in the first 4 weeks experienced a 28% increase in individuals seeking help, compared to last year.

A recent report by Shelter shows that one in 53 people in London is counted as homeless as they are sleeping on the streets or stuck in temporary accommodation, such as hostels and B&Bs.  Three of the four boroughs in which Glass Door operates are ranked amongst the worst 18 areas for homelessness in the country and in Kensington and Chelsea the Shelter report indicates that one in 29 residents are homeless.

“The numbers are shocking with more people than ever before trying to get a space in our winter night shelters.” says Lucy Abraham, the Chief Operating Officer at Glass Door. “But behind the numbers are hundreds of individuals each with their own story. Many are struggling against a backdrop of high rents, plummeting levels of social housing, and a deteriorating welfare system.”  

It costs just £23 a night for Glass Door to offer a homeless person dinner, a bed for the night, breakfast and a warm welcome and this Christmas they are aiming to raise £41,460 so they can help 1,820 people. To make a donation visit –  Glass Door Christmas Appeal