GMB London Region support UN anti-racism day march and demonstration



We are standing tall in our condemnation of the ignorance and division creeping in to our society, targeting people who feel left behind by governments, says GMB London

GMB London Region are supporting the UN anti-racism day march and demonstration this Saturday 16 March. The march and demo aims to highlight the need to tackle racism and xenophobia directed against some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Details of the march are as follows:

Saturday 16 March 2019

12:00 PM


Outside Dorchester Hotel
53 Park Ln

This year’s march and rally organised by The TUC and ‘Stand Up to Racism marks the UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Events are also taking place in the US (New York & Washington DC); Brazil; Germany; Austria; Poland; Hungary; Greece; Catalonia & Spain; Denmark; Netherlands; Ireland; France; Turkey; Australia; Canada.

Sue Hackett, GMB Equality Officer on behalf of GMB Race:

“GMB London Region’s Race group, the self-organised group for BAME members, will be leading our members on Saturday 16th March in support of the UN’s Anti-Racism Day, with our sister unions as part of London United, Trade Unionists and Labour Against Racism and the Far Right.

“There is a worrying growth in far right groups in the UK, fuelled by lies, perpetrated by rich and powerful far right forces from the US and across Europe. GMB London Region stand tall in their condemnation of the ignorance and division creeping in to our society, targeting people who feel left behind by governments.

“The government continue to tell us how they are building affordable homes, and that 1000s of jobs are being created. Yet earlier this year the Chartered Institute of Housing showed a loss of 165,000 social homes since 2012, and we know many workers are having to work two or three jobs just to get a day’s work. These are the reasons people are struggling. We reject the mindless drivel being fed to us to divide us, we are standing up to the pedlars of hate and stand with our BAME colleagues and all those who feel the persecution of ignorance.

“We have to get back to seeing people not as some abstract label of ‘immigrant’, but human beings who desperately want to live and work in peace, to contribute to their neighbourhoods, to feel the warmth of human kindness and not the abhorrent ideology of the far right. How upside down are things when we see posts from people who boast about us winning a war against the Nazis and fascism and then march alongside people giving Nazi salutes on our streets?”