Golden Inu To Join Ethereum Blockchain, No More VeChain Trading Fees, & MATIC Whales Move


by Adam Perreira


Witnessing the evolution and the expansion of blockchain technology has certainly been fascinating. 

But despite the enormous potential that this kind of tech has, the path to mainstream adoption has not been without its difficulties. 

As the technology evolves, the companies involved are entering an “arms race” in order to battle for the most efficient and cost-effective blockchain.

Golden Inu Has A New ERC20 Token & Developing A Decentralized Crypto Exchange


On the ‘winning’ side of yields is Golden Inu, a fast paced producer of crypto tech with actual utility.  

A newer token in the race, it launched on the Binance-chain at the end of February and has already out-produced 90% of the crypto market in terms of yields.   Pre-ICO and Initial Coin offering investors that took the leap of faith on this token enjoyed nearly 700% yields.

Technology wise, the company released two web applications since February — $Golden Quest and $Golden Dashboard.

The Quest is a job platform, while the Dashboard is a data simplification app that looks to correct bad crypto trading habits.   

The brand is moving at hyper speed into crypto development in comparison to other cryptocurrencies.   And it was announced  over the weekend that the Golden Inu ecosystem is expanding onto the Ethereum blockchain, adding to rapidly growing potential.

The presale was launched via their official website

Under 6% of the 1st round goal has been raised thus far since the weekend launch.    The ERC20 version of the $Golden token will go live on a public exchange after 4 funding rounds.  First round investors are buying tokens at 25% less than planned listing day price.

Golden Inu will close the pre-sale after 200 Ethereum tokens have been raised (US$418,000.   This will be used to develop a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange [DEX], cross-chain bridging technology, and more.

The bridging technology, which Golden Inu’s team of developers is currently analyzing, will hopefully allow users to interchange bep20 and erc20 tokens for lower gas fees or possibly no fee at all. 

VeChain Offering Feeless Transactions For VeWorld Wallets

Similarly, leading blockchain platform VeChain recently announced the removal of transaction fees for users of its VeChainThor wallet.

In a move designed to encourage greater adoption, users of the VeChainThor Wallet will now be able to transfer currencies on the VeChain blockchain without paying any fees. 

The company aims to make it easier for new users to get into Web3, and high transaction fees can be a big turnoff for newcomers.

On top of removing fees, VeChain is also working on the development of the new VORJ “code-free” Web3 platform.

The company is banking on even more user-friendliness by investing in a platform that enables non-technical users to easily create, manage, and deploy smart, concurrent systems.

Furthermore, the development aims to eliminate the obstacles that have impeded the creation of digital assets in the past, making the process accessible to a broader audience.

As a result, the market is reacting favorably to VeChain’s approach. Its native token is currently trading at around $0.024, boasting a 20% increase in the previous 30 days.

Polygon Whales Moving To Binance

On the other hand, rival layer-2 blockchain Polygon could be on the verge of a price decline over the next couple of days.

Newly released data indicates that crypto whales have recently transferred large sums of MATIC to the Binance exchange.

According to the data, over $100 million worth of Matic was added to Binance this week.

This move could indicate that whales are planning to swap their MATIC for other cryptocurrencies, or even withdraw their money.

As a result, the asset is seeing an increasing selling pressure taking over the charts, with the token dropping by nearly 5% over the past week. 

But on the positive side, Polygon is generally seen as the most mainstream blockchain company in the market today. 

Throughout 2022, the Web3 business closed several partnerships with mainstream companies, including Starbucks, Reddit, and Instagram.

And even if the price of its native token were to take a tumble over the next week, MATIC has already grown by nearly 60% since the start of the year.