Government whips told rebels they would lose their jobs if they supported amendments, claims Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg


Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that the Rwanda bill could lose at its third reading tomorrow <> after 68 rebels voted in favour of amendments designed to strengthen the power of the UK to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda.

Speaking on GB News, Sir Jacob said:

“As a result of Dir Bill Cash’s amendment that was set to disapply international law in the case of Rwanda deportations, the Deputy Chairmen of the Conservative Party, Brandon Clark Smith and Lee Anderson have resigned.

“The government whips informed all MPs on the payroll that if they voted for Sir Bill’s amendment, they would lose their jobs.

“I was the teller for those in support of Bill’s amendment this evening.

“The emphasis will now turn to the vote tomorrow on the bill itself – its Third Reading vote.

“The government’s current working majority is 54 but we saw 68 votes in favour of Sir Bill’s amendment this evening against the government.

“So there is a risk that the whole Rwanda bill could lose tomorrow.

“The Prime Minister, I think, would be wise to listen to the advice of his backbenchers and make the bill watertight.

“We’re approaching the two-year mark since Boris Johnson announced the Rwanda plan. And we’ve seen countless obstacles thrown in its way including the European Court of Human Rights and our own Supreme Court, which eccentrically based its judgment, at least in part on evidence in the United Nations, which uses Rwanda as a place to send refugees.

“The government itself ought not to become an obstacle to its own plan of success because the British public’s patience is wearing thin.

“We cannot have another bill that doesn’t actually work. This time it must succeed. So the ‘Safety of Rwanda’ Bill needs to be the final piece of legislation that means the planes take off.

“Nine out of ten – 90% of constituencies – want to see immigration reduced. In fact, they think that immigration is a 10th of what it actually is, and they still think that’s too high, but they specifically back a tougher Rwanda plan.

“The most popular of three answers provided regarding illegal migration was immediate removal from the UK.

“But regrettably, tonight’s vote shows how out of touch parliament is: 529 against stronger border controls. The Labour Party unanimously against stronger border controls.

“Only the Tory rebels and the DUP want proper controls immune from foreign courts.

“If the Tory Party followed the rebels, it would begin to restore its popularity by being conservative. If the Prime Minister gets this bill right and we see flights taking off before the next election, we could just possibly see a revival of Tory support that could prevent the predicted election wipe-out.

“It would show a government that listens to and shares the concerns of the British people. Particularly on this issue, because I do feel that the politicians are so out of touch with the British electorate.”