Green Party Vote of Confidence in London Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry


Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London has been re-elected as co-leader of the Green Party alongside Jonathan Bartley.

This is a huge vote of confidence from members in Sian’s ability to lead the party and gives new impetus to her campaign for London Mayor. Sian and the London Green Party now look towards the upcoming London elections, achieving more Green London Assembly Members and making Sian the first Green leader of the city.

Sian says: “I am so happy to have been re-elected as co-leader by Green Party members. London is ripe for Green leadership and I’m ready to take this momentum into next year’s elections. With a renewed national platform and with our world facing grave crises, it has never been more important to make the case for transforming our country and our city. Londoners need more strong Green voices in the room if we are going to build a brighter future.”

In addition to her role as co-leader and candidate for Mayor of London, Sian has been a Camden councillor since 2014 and Green London Assembly member since 2016. During this time, she has been a driving force behind exposing and tackling issues such as the hidden homeless of London, dramatic cuts to youth services and pollution levels in the city.

Sian and Jonathan won 49% of the vote. Such overwhelming support from the members of the Green Party reinforces Sian’s position in the upcoming Mayoral elections, where according to the most recent poll by YouGov, Sian’s candidacy for the Greens is in second place for overall support across first and second preferences. This makes Sian and the London Green Party best-placed challengers to Sadiq Khan in the Mayor elections.

Bartley and Berry have now begun their second term as co-leaders by setting out their vision to build a grassroots mass movement for a Green recovery from the economic, climate and health crises we are currently in.

The pair have set their sights on reproducing last year’s stunning local election results, which saw the party increase its number of councillors from 178 to 362 on 122 councils.

Sian Berry: “Green politics is built on grassroots action, co-operation and democratic participation. We believe in a democracy where every voice is heard and politicians’ power comes from an active citizenry, not big-money donors.

“If you want a safe, fair and exciting future for your area, for the country and for the world, we invite you to join the Green Party and help us make the difference. Better is possible, if we build it together.”