GRM Daily owner Posty in apparent sex tape


The owner and CEO of urban entertainment music website GRM Daily has this week suffered the leak of a sex tape.

In the tape seen by this outlet, entrepreneur Koby “Posty” Hagan can be heard asking a woman in the tape to say “East London” whilst the pair perform sex acts.

The video which was initially posted by London rapper Young Spray who recently rebranded himself as Big Bad Spray, and whilst Instagram initially deleted the video last night it resurfaced late last night on a Youtube channel for RTM Records with the caption “REALER THAN MOST #RTM Posty from GRM Daily going mad.”

Fans, commentators and music industry insiders have taken to social media to comment on the sex tape.

Music producer JAE 5 took to Twitter commenting “How am I just clocking a man said say east London 😂😂😂😂 Posty is dedicated to the cause”

Whilst another Twitter user tweeted “fam why was Posty even filming himself like that?? and say east london? Loooooool”

Posty who runs GRM Daily is also the organiser of the Rated Awards and is a host on Youtube channel “Not For The Radio”

London Post has reached out to GRM Daily for comment