Guy Lelouch – The Man Behind the Dream


To see the headline “What if all your dreams came true?” is one that you might ordinarily ignore. After all, there are so many companies out there that draw you in with false promises of success beyond your wildest expectations. Guy Lelouch is different from the stereotypical gurus that haunt the web. He’s a modest person, which may come as a surprise, and one that genuinely wants to help others to build themselves up just like he did.

The BOOST Journal has been designed to help you achieve those dreams that currently feel unobtainable. All you really need is five minutes of it every morning, and it helps to increase (or boost) your confidence as well as regain control of your life when everything feels as though it is going wrong. It’s not filling you with false hope, it’s giving you the tools you need to get out there and succeed. The best part? This particular journal is free.

The truth is that Guy is a lot like you and I. He started life in a small town in France, came from a regular family, and was kicked out of school twice. The only thing he had was ambition and some meagre savings that he could put towards his new life. He found a niche in the market and he seized the opportunity, creating his first business before later leaving it to pursue Dream Hackers; his passion. It took a few years, sacrifices, and a lot of hard work, but he came out successful on the other side.

This sits at the core of the BOOST Journal. In the words of Guy himself, money only brings you so far. His dream hacking journal is based on the fact that you have to put work into your dreams. There is no magic money tree to help you along, and in many ways, that’s a good thing. When you work towards something yourself and you put so much love and passion into it, the results are much better and you have that added passion for your creation.

The story of Guy Lelouch is humbling, and one that truly inspires you to seek out your dreams as he did. The BOOST Journal is a fantastic way to give yourself structure and motivation, as well as packed with helpful tips to ensure that you are taking the right steps towards your goal. It’s a book that’s written by someone just like you for someone like you. It’s a path worth exploring.