Have the Perfect Staycation by the River Dart


Has the stress of work pushed you to the edge? Do the kids need somewhere to forget about the pressures of school and exams? Is a romantic break for you and your partner long overdue? Treat yourself and your family to a relaxing break in the beautiful, idyllic surroundings of the River Dart in South Devon, England.

Opt for the natural holiday and pitch up a tent or give yourself some comfort by booking a gorgeous cottage or apartment, like those offered by companies like Luxury Coastal. Whatever way you like to holiday, you will find the perfect get away in the rolling hills of Dartmoor and the banks of the rambling river.

The stunning River Dart rises from Dartmoor, flowing for 47 miles right to the sea in the Port Hams port of Dartmouth. As the crystal-clear waters sculpt through harsh rocks of the hillsides, cascade as rippling waterfalls and stream under ancient bridges, you can’t help but be amazed by the beauty of the water. With every arch of the majestic river comes a distinctive landscape to explore and ways to enjoy it. It really has something for everyone, so if you’re one to jump in the water or one to watch It from afar, there’s a great multitude of things to do and ways to enjoy the river. Here’s just a few things you can do as a family, couple or by yourself.

Walk, Walk, Walk

There are numerous beautiful walks for you to enjoy. The Dart Valley Trail is one of particular beauty that you just can’t miss. It can take you all the way from Dartmouth, through Dittisham, to the pretty village of Totnes. The views are remarkable as you gaze upon the acres of woodland and twinkling water of the river.

Get Out on the Water

Whether your preferred vessel is a kayak, canoe, boat or even paddleboard, experiencing the river from the water is an unforgettable experience. Venture out along the river and explore the caves and riverbanks and see friendly seals popping up out of the water to greet you. Watch the egrets and herons quickly fly past you to look for food, and see the flash of blue of the kingfishers catching fish in the creeks. You can even hire your own pleasure to boat to sedately cruise along the river and relax. If you need something a little more exhilarating, white water rafting might be the thrill ride that you need to get the adrenaline rush you’re after. Coasteering involves jumping off rocks into the deep blue waters of the ocean and this is another option available in South Devon. Not only do get the thrill of the jump, but you also get to experience the amazing wildlife of the sea.

Fuel the Fun

After all the adventures you’re going to have, you will need to refuel at the wonderful variety of eatery options available. Grab a snack at the local pub, or enjoy a relaxing pint in a beer garden overlooking the river. Enjoy a light lunch or a candle-lit dinner with the views of the tranquil surroundings. Tuck into a hearty meal or cosy up next to the fire with a scrumptious hot chocolate and cake. If you need a day out of luxury, take a trip to a sun-baked, south-facing vineyard and enjoy the treat of a wine-tasting tour or a beautiful meal. If you want something a little more suitable for the family, pick up some fish and chips and sit at harbour, watching the boats sail on by.