“‘Hello Poppets!” – Mrs Doubtfire delivers for BBA Management!


Six talented individuals from BBA Management have taken to the West End for a Gala performance of Mrs Doubtfire. Billed as “rip-roaringly funny” (The Telegraph), the performance took place on 18th June at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre.

It’s rare for so many professionals from a single agency to perform together. But the musical director and five actors from Bronia Buchanan’s agency each showcase their unique talents in this comedy musical. The actors enjoyed sharing the stage for the Gala performance, which raised funds for Comic Relief.

Audience members donated to Comic Relief via bucket and card reader collections. Some ticket sales also contributed to the fundraising initiative. The money raised will support Comic Relief’s efforts to relieve worldwide poverty.

Selected From BBA Management: Musical Director and Five Actors

Five of Mrs Doubtfire’s talented actors — and the musical director — hail from Bronia Buchanan’s BBA Management. Musical Director Elliott Ware joined actors Vicki Lee Taylor, Joseph Dockree, Micha Richardson, Thomas Scanlon, and Christopher Parkinson for the Comic Relief performance.

Elliott, Vicki, Joseph, and Micha have shared their experiences of:

Working on the Mrs Doubtfire production.
Working with other talented professionals from the same agency.
Working with Bronia Buchanan and the BBA Management team.

Elliott Ware

Musical Director Elliott Ware believes that British audiences “really warm to this show.” So far, the reviews have been excellent, and Elliott is “thrilled for everyone who works so hard.”

“It’s escapism, daft, and fun but also has some lovely moments of poignancy,” Elliott says. “Clearly the cast [is] having a blast and that’s terrific for the audience.” Music-wise, “the score is varied stylistically, from pop and rock to swing and hip hop. The band enjoy themselves immensely.”

Working alongside five actors from Bronia Buchanan’s talent agency makes “it seems like nearly 50% of the cast [is] from BBA,” Elliot says. This “goes to show the breadth of talent and skill” that BBA Management’s actors have.

“I am in awe of their dedication and craft and they are all so lovely. It’s a very happy company.”

Elliott also notes that “the support and guidance from BBA is terrific.” The agents, who include Sarah and Gails, are “always kind and thoughtful,” sending “swift and beyond efficient” communications.

Vicki Lee Taylor

Vicki appears as several characters throughout Mrs Doubtfire, including Princess Diana. She also understudies the role of Miranda Hillard.

“It’s a wonderfully supportive cast and creative team at Mrs Doubtfire that feels like family,” Vicki says. “To be working with fellow BBA clients, some of [whom] I’ve had the pleasure of working with several times before, is an added bonus. To witness their talents and what they bring to the show is very special — especially our Musical Director Elliott.”

“Bronia Buchanan and her team are forever championing their clients, be it celebrating them on social media or bringing guests to the theatre to see them in action. As a performer, that’s hugely appreciated and encouraging regardless of how long you’ve been working in the industry.”

Joseph Dockree

Playing a member of the swing team in Mrs Doubtfire has been a “brilliant” experience for Joseph. He considers it “so special to be part of the six members of the BBA family that are involved in this show.”

BBA Management has represented Joseph for over 10 years. “I couldn’t be luckier,” he says. “They have worked with me from a fresh graduate right through to now and have always understood me, my work ethic, and my desire to keep working in this amazing business.”

Micha Richardson

Micha enjoys playing the role of Janet Lundy in the comedy musical. Although she has worked “alongside one fellow BBA member before,” this is the first time she has worked with five professionals from the same agency.

“Each one is remarkable in their own way,” Micha says, “and I’m so glad I get to share the stage with them.”

Micha adds that Bronia Buchanan and BBA Management “always have my best interests at heart. I’ve been with BBA for years now, and the constant support they show me has allowed me to get through a lot. I am very grateful for them.”

High-Profile Cast and Artists

Other high-profile cast members of Mrs Doubtfire include:

Laura Tebbutt (School of Rock) as Miranda Hillard.
Carla Dixon-Hernandez (Matilda the Musical) as Lydia Hillard.
Marcus Collins (Kinky Boots) as Andre.
Samuel Edwards (Anything Goes) as Stuart Dunmire.

Award-winning artists crafted the production, with set design from David Korins (Hamilton), choreography from Lorin Latarro (Waitress), and music supervision from Ethan Popp (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical).

The show is running until January 2024, so there are plenty of dates available to see the actors in action.

About Bronia Buchanan’s BBA Management

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Individuals that BBA Management represent make several notable television and theatre appearances. In upcoming news, Carly Burns will play the role of Donna in the feature film A New Breed of Criminal. Meanwhile, Flora Dawson and Imogen Lamb are returning to their roles as Mrs Rivers and Mary-Lou in season four of Malory Towers.

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