Here are 6 type of mobile games that are liked the most by the people of London


The stress and strain of leading a busy life in the 21st century have forced us to keep ourselves homebound, away from most of the recreational activities in life. It is not because of the lack of will or stamina, but because of the lack of time.

Our daily schedule with our 24X7 companion, the mighty computer (laptops for some) has reduced our leisure time in life, subsequently shortening the time for outdoor activities such as playing different sports. However, with lesser time to invest in real-life sports, there has been a surge in mobile gaming culture. Thanks to advanced technology,  the type of graphics available today in different types of mobile games have made sure that people playing these games enjoy an equal share when compared to real-life outdoor activities.

You can today play online casino slots as well as fantasy-adventure simply by downloading the games from app stores, there is no limit to playing different games. What’s even better is that you get to do it at home as well. So you won’t have to travel hundreds of miles just to hear the sound of cha-ching It’s on your phone!

Speaking of mobile games, it has been noticed that people from certain parts of the world show an extra knack for mobile-based gaming applications. One such country is England. London has by far one of the biggest video gaming sectors and the mobile gaming market has a bright future with commendable potential growth. Fantasy game formats and action and adventure gaming formats have had a huge surge in downloads in the recent past, most of which has happened in London.

Here are 7 types of mobile games that are liked the most by the people of London:

  • Shooting games – Shooter games or shooting games are subgenres of action and adventure mobile games. It is extremely famous for the challenging factors posed to the player’s spatial awareness, reflexes, and speed.
  • Strategy games – The fun and thrill of strategizing a game with a plan of action to combat certain circumstances that too on a digital platform is way cooler than actually playing some treasure hunt game.
  • Casino games – Getting to play a casino game through mobile phones rather than visiting a casino for the same is as hassle-free as it sounds. Today, developers have come up with mobile casino games that are the exact replica of their offline counterparts. They follow the exact same rules like real-life casinos; hence they are played by people at large.
  • Mobile sports – Most of us do not get time to kick into our joggers, tighten our sneakers and set off to the field for an hour of fruitful football session because of our busy schedule. However, with the sudden popularity of mobile games based on real-life games, people can play outdoor games on-screen and still feel more or less the same feelings that they experience while playing these games in real. These games have a significant engagement factor, so much so that players from all over the world, let alone London even indulge in tournaments and championships.
  • Action and Adventure – Action and adventure has always been a favourite subgenre for many mobile gamers. They love the excitement and thrill of every move. Further, with quality graphics and commendable technology, players today even get a realistic feel as they play action and adventure games. A few fantasy games are exceptionally famous because of their written or cinematic counterparts.
  • Fantasy sports – Fantasy sports is another interesting subgenre of mobile games. Fantasy golf, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy Congress: an online simulation sport, fantasy cricket, etc., are examples of famous games pertaining to this subgenre of mobile games. People play these games in their leisure time because it acts as a stress-buster.

The mobile gaming industry has a very bright future because promising games are emerging with every passing day. These games not only have a brilliant storyline but also fascinating features that keep the audience engaged till the very end.