Here is why Bet365 is one of the most popular mobile betting operators in Bulgaria


Online gamblers from many countries realize that the only way for them to use the platform they like is byhaving access to a smartphone or a tablet. Punters inBulgaria also fall into this category because most of them can’t use a computer for betting until they get backhome. The good news is that the available Bulgarianversion of Bet365 mobile doesn’t differentiate much fromthe rest, which means that locals can expect to use oneof the premier betting companies to its full potential.

Although some foreign gambling companies haven’t hadthe time to provide high-quality mobile services to localpunters, others hired professional developers. Shortlyafter Bet365 acquired a license from Bulgaria’s gambling commission, the company allowed locals to use itsmobile betting apps. Those who’ve used them knowwhat to expect, but others will probably want to learn more, so let’s go over some of the available options.

The apk file is accessible within seconds

If you have ever used an online betting application forAndroid, you probably know that you have to install anapk file. Unfortunately, even some top-tier bettingplatforms can’t get their apps on Google Play because of the strict rules they must adhere to. Needless to say, most brands prefer to create their own apk files andallow their users to access them.

Bet365 is one of the companies that took the sameroute. However, unlike its competitors, which oftenrequire gamblers to complete different tasks to get the apk file, Bet365 lets its Bulgarian users download it inseconds. All they need to do is to open the operator’ssite and look for the mobile section. Once there, theyhave to select the file and wait until it is fullydownloaded. This process could take up to severalminutes.

Despite the fact that Bet365’s apk file can bedownloaded in seconds, you will need to go through the usual steps before installing. For those of you whohaven’t completed this process beforeyou will have to change some of your device’s settings so that you caninstall apps that are not available on Google Play.

You do not have to sacrifice any of the desktopbetting features, regardless of your smartphone ortablet

One of the most annoying things that mobile bettors inBulgaria had to get used to is not having access to someof the best desktop features. It seems like many of the big betting companies in the country haven’t optimizedthem yet because mobile gamblers can only use thingslike live betting and the demo mode.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions, and one of themis Bet365. Thanks to the review that shows you how to get the Bet365 mobile app on your Android and iOSdevice, you will see that this company does not limit itsmobile customers when it comes down to the things itoffers.

Whether you have a computer, smartphone, or both, youcan try things like live betting, live streaming, Cash Out, boosted odds, and everything else. Let’s also not forgetthat the mobile app will allow you to test all of the bonuses. Bet365 is known for its variety of promotionsfor sports bettors and online casino fans, some of whichare a lot more impressive than others.

The app will allow you to receive PUSH notifications

Some people prefer using Bet365’s mobile websitebecause it offers the same things, and gamblers do notneed to go through the process of installing an app. Although you can try out the same features, sections, and promos, there are a couple of things that Bulgariansshould know about the app, and one of them is relatedto the PUSH notifications.

Many people like to disable this function because theythink the app willspamthem. Needless to say, Bet365 won’t do that. In fact, it will provide you with importantinformation regarding your bets.