History of Online Casino in The UK


From In-person to Online: The Story Behind Online Casinos

For centuries the people worldwide have taken part in the game of chance. They are risking something (not always money), hoping that they will somewhat increase your fortune.

Gambling as an activity caught on very quickly and has evolved to where anyone can gamble comfortably from their couch using their mobile devices. Thanks to live-action casinos in the UK, you don’t have to drive miles to visit a casino or betting shop.

Online casinos are an essential part of a player’s life in the UK. The human psyche seems to be attracted to the idea of gambling large sums of money, risking it all. Online casinos now offer deposit-free casino bonuses to attract more customers that will sign up and deposit more money into their accounts.

These bonuses allow players to gamble as a pastime with minimal risks involved. There’s no need to deposit any money into your account, and you can play until you have used up all of the bonuses.

When the internet arrived in the UK, it also brought a new way to gamble, and people soon jumped at the idea of an online establishment where they could gamble. In 2005 the UK Gambling Commission brought into play the gambling act, which marked the start of the journey to live casino UK and the popularity it would soon find.

So please sit back and enjoy an online history lesson on our favourite pastime.

The Evolution

It all traces back to 1994 when Internet casinos were first conceived in the UK, and the focus shifted from the land-based casino to that of the virtual world.

The move started in the Caribbean, where the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was signed, boosting online casino activity in the UK. After activists developed the act, William Hill was the first to introduce the UK to the world of online casinos; from there, online gaming would eventually take off.

The UK was not the first to explore this side of the internet, but most of the industry innovations can be seen in the UK online casinos as they’ve managed to keep up with the rest of the world.

1994 also saw the launch of Microgaming, the first internet casino. Despite a meagre attendance rate, enthusiasts still had hope as developers expected that gamblers would take a while to catch on and adapt to this new form of gambling.

Cryptologic Companies

After the launch, Cryptologic companies began enticing gamblers by offering up a transactional system with plenty of opportunities available and a system designed to promote winning.

The growth of the internet revolved around the turn of the twenty-first century. It was becoming more widely known around the world. People were able to connect to the internet from their homes. For those who enjoyed the occasional gamble, this alone opened up new possibilities.

The shift from the physical to the virtual world happened rapidly as the UK online casinos seized the opportunity. Casinos soon realised the internet is here to stay. The realisation sparked the interest of investors, resulting in a significant increase in the popularity of online casinos in the 2000s.

The Millennium Shift

Changing from the ’90s, the millennium saw the launch of a slew of new online casinos. As a result, the industry was highly competitive. Many operators compete to be the finest in the industry.

To compete, several casinos started giving large bonuses to new players. They also began to offer loyalty programmes to their current consumers.

The software that runs an online casino is updated regularly to keep up with new technologies. Developers constantly offer new features to attract more customers.

Developers began to integrate themed slots, progressive jackpots, and multiplayer casino games, among other things, to improve the appeal and growth of UK online casinos. Unfortunately, not all players in the United Kingdom are fans. They continue to believe in the unfounded view that internet games are rigged somehow and cannot produce fair results.

Technology Advances Make Online Gaming Better

Live casino gaming has emerged as a result of the growing popularity of internet casinos. As technology advanced, traditional online casinos became insufficient, prompting online casinos in the United Kingdom to provide something unique.

Gaming companies created live dealers. A real person would deal with, pay, and communicate with the player in real-time.

There was only one dealer and one game in the first live casino. There was only one table as well.

Blackjack was the only game available. When you look at the list of live casino games available today, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

Live roulette, live baccarat, and more games will now be available. Some UK online casinos include a side game to keep players entertained while they wait for a live game to begin.

From there, live casino gaming is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are currently widely used on the internet. Instead of dealing with a graphic dealer, most players now choose to play in real-time with a live dealer.

The evolution of online and live casinos in the UK happened quickly and hasn’t slowed down in recent years. Nowadays, almost all transactions are done online with very little need for regular brick and mortar establishments.

Nothing beats that feeling of stepping through the doors into a casino and hearing the slot machines going crazy but being able to have fun from the comfort of your own home comes close, especially when the food and drinks are free.