HIV HAPPY Launches World AIDS Day with new book


Since the age of seventeen, Paul Thorn has lived with HIV. It’s vital to remember that, during the HIV pandemic of the late 1980s and 1990s, Thorn was forced to face extreme stigma that all but destroyed his self-esteem and adversity so fierce that it almost ended his life.

But Thorn refused to become a victim, instead rebuilding his sense of self, working for over two decades internationally to help improve the lives of people living with the virus. Now, healthier and happier than ever he is reaching into the lives of people living with HIV, to help prepare them for a brighter future now there’s effective treatment to manage the course of the virus.

Written from the life and experience of Paul Thorn, the eagerly anticipated Second Edition of his widely-acclaimed book, HIV HAPPY, is a holistic and life-changing guide for people living with the virus. Hailed as “a step change in the way we speak about HIV”, HIV HAPPY aims to challenge some of the self-stigmatizing thinking commonly held by people living with HIV. It offers tips and help points for creating a better sense of self, wellbeing and getting started on a brighter life path.