Hong Kong Banking Scam and Internet Fraud Investigation


Digitpol has seen an increase in Internet scams and banking scams in Hong Kong. Digitpol’s operational units deploy daily to assist with the seizure of bank accounts used to facilitate the transfer of scammed funds, assist with tracing the funds transferred overseas, cooperation and liaising with International and the Hong Kong Police. Digitpol has key relationships with the Banking industry. If your company has been targeted by Internet Fraud and funds have been transferred to a bank account in Hong Kong, we can help you, but only if you act fast and if you have the proof.

If you suspect that you are, or have been, a victim of banking, email or internet fraud, the time to act is the most important element. The first approach is of most importance, a police report is to be filled at the Hong Kong Police Force, the report needs to be filled instant as the crime is discovered. If the report is filled in time there is a high possibility that the fraudster’s bank account can be seized and the funds frozen.

To file a Police report in Hong Kong, this can only be done in person at the police station. The Police will first need to be satisfied that a crime is actually committed, this is done by the examination of evidence and the evidence of a crime. If sufficient evidence is presented the Police will file a report. Digitpol can assist with compiling the evidence into a report.

Digitpol can assist foreign firms and local by providing operational support and the collection of evidence, if and when possible, Digitpol in cooperation with the Police can investigate further. Digitpol can engage a legal partner to act on behalf of victims when the recovery of losses becomes a civil matter.

According to the Hong Kong Police Force, technology crime has remained an operational priority of the Commissioner of Police since 2012. In 2015, the Police Force established the new Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau so as to allocate extra manpower to combat and prevent technology crimes. Besides email scams, other common types of online business fraud often involve e-banking, e-auctions, e-purchases, online trading and the misuse of credit cards.

Digitpol can be reached 24/7 and can assist UK and International firms.


Digitpol’s Chief, Mr Martin Coyne told, there is no place in Hong Kong society for fraudsters and that no stone is been left unturned to prosecute fraudsters. The Police and Investigation teams are working 24/7 to fight banking and internet fraud.

Digitpol can be reached 24/7 on +85253360558 or +31639220420