How A PR Agency Will Guide You In The Age Of The Internet


Public relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image, and it isn’t just for celebrities and athletes.

Having good PR helps your business tremendously because having a favorable public image will make people more likely to engage with your business.

A bad public image on the other hand can drastically hurt your business, possibly ending it if you’re a start-up and still establishing yourself.

The way in which companies and people go about PR nowadays has changed greatly with the internet. There is so much more now than press releases, conferences, talk shows and print media.

There is a whole world online and with social media, and it is important to know how to navigate those things in terms of PR.

But how?

It’s hard enough these days sending a tweet on your personal account without getting the 3rd degree, so how are you supposed to manage your business’s online presence without ruining its reputation?

That is why it may be worth hiring a professional PR agency, who will have a team of experts trained in making your business look great.

They can help you create an online campaign that will give your business a positive image and a strong brand.

Here are some ways a PR agency in London can help your business improve its presence online.

Web Media

Web media is essentially anything you produce online that you have complete control over.

This includes your website, blogs, YouTube channel, newsroom, etc.

A PR agency can help you craft content for your online channels that will enhance your brand, paint your company in a positive light and position you as a thought leader within your space.

They can also help make your content engaging and informative.

Social Media

Social media is crucial for PR because you can use it to interact directly with your target audience.

This will help you build a more intimate relationship with your potential customer base, improving your business’s image.

In addition, it is another great platform to produce and spread your content and messaging.

Some things a PR agency can help your company with, in terms of social media are:

  • Online reputation management
  • Online review platform management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Social media publishing and follower engagement
  • Social media training

Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is the public shaming and boycotting of celebrities or companies because of something they have done, said, tweeted, etc. that is bad or considered offensive.

There are a lot of famous examples out there, and sometimes all it takes was a dumb social media post from ten years ago.

A PR agency can help manage your online presence to avoid cancel culture at all costs, and if your company is at risk of being “canceled,” then they can manage the situation and rebuild your reputation.

Keep Up With Tech And Trends

Technology is rapidly evolving and trends are constantly changing.

It can be hard to keep up with who’s posting what trendy thing on what app and with what device.

A PR agency will help you keep up with technology to make sure you are producing relevant content that people will actually see.

In other words, if your PR agency tries to create a Myspace page for your company with a Blackberry, you may want to consider switching.

Find A PR Agency That Does It All

Clearly, navigating the online world is super important for PR today. So be sure to find an agency that understands this and can do all of the above.

One agency that does is Pearl Lemon Leads. In addition to establishing and maintaining your digital PR, they can help with inbound marketing, cold outreach and SEO.

So, when hiring a PR agency, get one that can do it all.