How AI is Making Companies Safer in 2022


Artificial intelligence in the business landscape is associated with a lot of benefits. Though initially, the arrival of AI in the workplace was met with some concern from employees, who worried their jobs would become obsolete with the arrival of bots, these concerns have begun to disappear. In recent years, organizations have discovered AI’s potential for everything from boosting team productivity with automation, to reducing everyday costs. The right AI innovations are even emerging as a way of making companies safer in the modern world. Here are just some of the ways artificial intelligence is making businesses safer as we head into 2022 and beyond.

Post-Pandemic Rooms and Meetings

Meetings have become a critical part of running a successful business in recent years. During the pandemic, companies have relied on video and audio meetings to keep staff members connected and aligned as they transition into the age of hybrid work. As workplaces continue to evolve post-pandemic, and in-office meetings restart, artificial intelligence could be an important tool in keeping team members healthy and safe. AI solutions built into cameras can track the number of people in a room in real time, and examine the ambient temperature of that room, to determine when a space is becoming unsafe. The same sensors can be used in all kinds of business environments, from back-office rooms, to places where team members regularly interact with customers.

Intelligent Fleet Management

For years, companies have been looking for ways to improve the way they manage their fleets and reduce overall costs. With artificial intelligence built into fleet management solutions, it’s possible for companies to run a more efficient team, with minimal expense. You can also use the same AI technology to make staff safer. AI dash cameras with incident detection can determine when a potential incident is emerging in real-time, by evaluating the environment around a car on the road. These cameras can then deliver instant real-time coaching for drivers in-cab, to lower the chances of a collision. AI cameras have already been proven to protect drivers on the road and reduce the costs associated with common fleet management issues.

Security and Privacy

Finally, artificial intelligence in the business environment can help to protect both businesses and their customers against all kinds of security incidents and attacks. AI bots in a security system can scan an email inbox for signs of a potential phishing messages, to reduce the risk of attacks on employees working in a distributed hybrid environment. AI tools can also help to provide staff members with instant alerts when they’re about to access a potentially dangerous file or click on a risky link. In some environments, AI innovations are even using things like biometric insights to validate whether a person is who they say they are. Biometric voice printing technology can detect various aspects of a person’s voice in real-time, and match it to the information a company has about a customer. This means it’s possible for brands to verify their clients based only on their voice. Now more than ever, AI is paving the way towards safer businesses for 2022.