How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Online Casinos


Advancement in technology has always been the main thing responsible in bringing in innovations to various industries and sectors. In the world of gambling, technology made it possible for players to play their favorite casino games without the need to go to a land-based casino anymore–this is thanks to the establishment of online casinos.

As technology continues to advance, even online casinos are starting to use artificial intelligence or AI more and more. Even online casino apps like the 22bet mobile app are starting to use AI, or at least machine learning algorithms, in their apps and services. How does artificial intelligence get used in online casinos?

Customer service and support

One of the main and most common uses of artificial intelligence in online casinos is on customer service and support. This can work both in voice and non-voice support.

For non-voice support, like a live chat or a “self-help” menu, artificial intelligence can be used by making the chatbot learn to distinguish major keywords when players maze a question or an inquiry. This works for the most common questions and concerns a player may have. On the side of the players and customers, this is beneficial to them in the way that they no longer need to fall in the queue of customers making a call or waiting for a live agent to chat with. Through an AI-powered chatbot, most of their concerns and questions can be answered and addressed right away without the need to wait anymore.

On the other hand, voice customer support also benefits from AI or machine learning. Some customer service providers use voice recognition and analysis that works by picking up keywords and analyzing sentences spoken to them to give answers to customers who call.

Ad targeting

AI is also used by online casinos to target prospective new customers and players through their ads. Through data gathered by AI-powered algorithms, they get a good idea which users they need to show their ads to, hoping that they would lead to becoming a new customer to their online casino.

How does this work, you ask? When you do anything online, analytics data is gathered from you such as your search engine behavior, your social media activities, and all other things that may help ad companies be able to identify which ads would better be targeted to you. This is also the reason why is you do a Google search for dog foods, you may then get to see an ad the next day showing you pet foods–since analytical data shows that you searched for pet food, ads targeted to you would assume that you are in the market to buy pet food.

Player identification

An AI-powered system is a big help in player profiling and identification when it comes to online casinos. Most online casinos have a KYC or know your customer process. This is a verification process wherein an online casino needs to make sure that the player playing with them is a real person and not a fake one. This also helps them be protected against fraud from customers using stolen personal data.

AI help in this through face recognition and automated verification processes, without the need for a real person to manually check and approve any document or information submitted for verification.

Final thoughts

While AI is already contributing to making online casinos better, we have barely even touched the surface of what it can do. As technology will keep on advancing in the future, only time can tell how else AI can make online casinos better and more “intelligent.”