How Doug Fabick is honoring his family history as the leader of Fabick Cat

Doug Fabick is an entrepreneur and investor based in the United States who specializes in the construction equipment business. He is the CEO of Fabick Cat and has spent over 30 years building the company into a market leader. Fabickhas a background in construction, business, and finance, having obtained a BA in Finance from St Louis University in 1990, shortly before starting full-time at the corporation.

His company, Fabick Caterpillar, was founded in 1917, as a Caterpillar dealership. It is headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, United States. The founder, Doug’s ancestor John Fabick, Sr. adopted the motto “To Ever Serve Our Customers Better” and it has been a key idea to the company’s success – customer satisfaction. In fact, this is why, not even a decade later, in 1927, Caterpillar named the company its exclusive dealer in the St. Louis region. Fabick now operates eighteen dealerships in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, in addition to selling their products at numerous other non-dealership locations. The company founded the Fabick Nature Preserve on the former site of the Fabick family mansion.

Doug Fabick has been honoring his family success history, by being a devoted CEO to the company. Fabick’s managerial strategies have drawn praise from industry analysts who are citing, among other factors, his negotiation capabilities, and innovative ideas. One of his most successful ventures was uniting Fabick Tractor and its 13 operating companies under the same brand, Fabick Cat in the early 2000s.

Aiming for success, he helped the company to expand into a regional industry powerhouse, ranking among the top 10% of Caterpillar dealerships nationwide. The corporation currently serves large portions of Missouri and Illinois, as well as parts of Kansas and Oklahoma, Michigan’s upper peninsula, and the whole state of Wisconsin. It now employs 1,200 people across 37 locations and has a $500 million inventory. Fabick’s business development initiatives were largely responsible for this massive growth endeavor. Among them, the 2015 merger between Fabick CAT and FABCO Equipment Inc., two Caterpillar dealerships that sell, rent, and service construction machines, vehicles, engines, and electric power production equipment. Doug Fabick has taken over as the organization’s leader.

This is just one of numerous examples showcasing Fabick’sbusiness knowledge. It is only natural to expect that his company would continue to grow in the year 2022.