How Erotic Massage Keeps You Healthy


Erotic massage is an excellent way to enhance intimacy and pleasure and provides many health benefits that many people don’t know. While massage alone can help alleviate stress, adding sensual elements to the experience brings it up a notch with therapeutic benefits not just for your stress levels but also for your overall health and well-being. Here are eight ways how you can enjoy all the advantages of erotic massage therapy:

Keep Aches and Pains Away

If you’re looking for an alternative to painkillers for easing aches and pains, then erotic massage could be the answer. The touch of a skilled and beautiful therapist releasing endorphins – natural painkillers – can help mask pain signals from reaching the brain, leading to relief from headaches, back pain, discomfort, and more.

Stress Busting

As mentioned before, traditional massage combined with erotic elements can provide even greater relaxation than a regular massage session. The strokes break down adhesions (muscle knots) while eliminating cortisol – the stress hormone – providing supreme relaxation by releasing oxytocin during a happy ending which maximises pleasure & stimulates a positive mindset for double happiness.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Orgasms are known to decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men; thus, it stands to reason that incorporating traditional erotic massage therapy into your routine is beneficial in reducing these risks.

Heart Health Benefits

Having sex often helps keep heart rate regular as well as estrogen & testosterone levels in check which are necessary hormones required for overall health, and low levels may lead to problems such as osteoporosis or heart disease; research suggests those who engage in sexual activities at least twice weekly are half as likely to be affected by heart diseases compared to those who rarely have sex!

Sexual Stamina Booster

Regular erotic massage therapy helps boost sexual stamina by teaching one what they like most & how to get maximum pleasure out of intimate experiences, giving your partner unforgettable nights!

Sleep Soothingly

If sleeping has become difficult due to insomnia or other sleep disorders, then getting an erotic massage might be just what you need. Therapeutic techniques from a skilled & gorgeous therapist will increase serotonin levels essential for better sleep; the strokes also help relax the body & mind, erasing negative thoughts so you may fall into deep sleep easily!

Burn Calories with Pleasure

An erotic massage not only counts as exercise but also contributes positively towards burning calories; depending on intensity level – adding electrifying passion or changing positions – studies suggest up to 70 calories can be shed off within 45 minutes! Who needs a treadmill when you can burn away fat pleasurably?

Immune System Boosting

Not only does regular massage therapy increase white blood cells responsible for protecting against illness & disease but it has been found that people who indulge in regular sensual encounters have higher levels of antibodies defending against germs & viruses too, making it easier on sick days compared to no massaging at all!

In conclusion, enjoyment isn’t all there is when it comes to erotic massages; apart from their deeply pleasurable moments, they offer several health benefits too, such as aiding aches & pains, relieving stress hormones while boosting the immunity system, amongst other things such as helping reduce prostate cancer risks, keeping the heart healthy as well burn calories alongside offering good night’s sleep too! For those who live in London, you are in luck! Fortunately, London has many skilled erotic masseuses and some of them are very beautiful too. The best I’ve found so far is Secret Tantric, their masseuses are immaculately trained, work from private apartments and show their videos, so you get to see exactly who you’re looking for. So why not try out this blissful practice and book an erotic massage in London? Your body and mind will thank us after.