How Gamblers Are Getting Around GamStop to Play Poker?


Gamstop, a self-exclusion system for online casino players, was introduced in the United Kingdom to tackle problematic gambling behavior. However, for many poker enthusiasts, it has become a barrier to their favorite pastime. Particularly, the search for poker sites not on GamStop has intensified as players seek alternative avenues to indulge in their passion. In this article, we will explore the methods players use to circumvent Gamstop and continue playing poker.

Gamstop restricts access to many online platforms, but players always find ways to bypass these limitations. In this section, we will examine the primary methods they employ.

Methods of Circumvention

Gamstop restricts access to many online platforms, but players always find ways to bypass these limitations. In this section, we will examine the primary methods they employ.

  • Use of VPN

Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is one of the most common ways to bypass Gamstop restrictions. VPNs disguise a user’s real IP address, allowing them to circumvent blocks and gain access to blocked sites.

  • Anonymous Payment Methods

Utilizing anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or prepaid cards helps players conceal their identity and circumvent monitoring systems.

  • Seeking Independent Platforms

Players can also bypass Gamstop by playing on independent platforms not covered by Gamstop jurisdiction. These platforms often offer alternative authentication methods and may be less stringent in their security policies.

Risks and Consequences

Bypassing Gamstop carries certain risks and consequences that are important to consider before choosing to use these methods.

  • Legal Consequences

Bypassing GamStop restrictions may have legal consequences for players, such as fines or restrictions on further participation in gambling activities.

  • Security Risks

Using alternative platforms and methods of anonymous play may pose security risks, including the threat of fraud and theft of personal information.

  • Negative Impacts on Players

For some players, bypassing GamStop may lead to increased problems with gambling addiction and financial difficulties.

Ethics and Responsibility

Discussing the ethics and responsibility of gambling behavior in the context of bypassing GamStop is an important aspect of this issue.

  • Debates on Legitimacy

Debates exist regarding the legitimacy of bypassing GamStop restrictions. Some consider it unethical and illegal, while others argue for the right to freedom of choice.

  • Responsible Gambling Behavior

It is important to remember the importance of responsible gambling behavior and consider the potential negative consequences for oneself and others.

Industry Actions

The gambling industry is responding to the issue of GamStop circumvention by taking various measures to combat this phenomenon.

  • Industry Response

The gambling industry is taking steps to combat Gamstop circumvention, such as strengthening identity checks and cooperating with regulators.

  • Protection and Control Measures

Online platforms are also implementing additional protection and control measures to prevent Gamstop circumvention and reduce the risks of problematic gambling behavior.


In conclusion, bypassing GamStop restrictions presents a complex and multifaceted problem. At the same time, it is important to find a balance between security and player freedom, as well as to focus on supporting responsible gambling behavior to ensure a healthy gaming community.