How Legit is Bitcoin Compass?


If all the negativity around cryptocurrencies and trading in the world has to be taken into account, then the markets could just as well close down. The software and automated robot that Bitcoin Compass uses has proven to be very successful. The platform itself has received many positive reviews and has since had an influx of traders showing interest in it. The testimonials that are available for the world to see on the official website, homepage, will give you a clear indication of what the traders think of the platform. Some of the traders managed to accumulate profits in the region of $1300 per day. Even although the robot trades on the trader’s behalf, it requires some human intervention, such as what asset you wish to trade as well as how much you wish to invest before it can start trading.

Are there any Hidden Costs?

Information about fees and costs are also available on the website as well as whether there are any commission costs involved. Withdrawals and any other transactions take place easily and efficiently. You can request a withdrawal and the money will reflect in your account within 72 hours. The brokers who are assigned to traders are reputable and experts in the field as well. What this means for investors is that they are getting the best of both worlds when trading on this platform. Not only does the robot scan all the markets to find the best deal for them, but the brokers also monitor the process and validate each trade landed by the robot. The only fees which are deducted from the traders happen when deposits are made into your trade account. The brokers take a small percentage of that for the services they provide.

What do the Brokers do for Traders?

The brokers, who work with the traders, provide an invaluable service. They offer the traders a user-friendly platform to trade on. They also provide then with knowledge regarding the assets they wish to trade on as well as secure banking options. In addition to all this these brokers also offer the traders tools that are necessary for trading. Other perks of having these brokers in your corner, is that they assist new traders to transition into the trading environment.

How to sign up on the Bitcoin Compass App?

You will need to visit the website and furnish them with some details such as your full name, email address and lastly input a password, which will be used to safeguard your financial and personal information. Other information is also required to complete the signing up process, such as which country you reside in and your contact number. When all this has been uploaded, then the process is almost complete, all that remains to be done is to submit the form and your Bitcoin Compass account will be active. Next, you need to deposit the minimum required, this step is done together with your broker, into your Bitcoin Compass account. These funds are what get used as your capital investment and are used to execute trades on your behalf. This is where the robot will take over and do the rest of the work. This is where the term passive income, comes from.


The transparency with which all the processes are done is reason enough for any trader to feel comfortable to trade on this platform. The safety and security of your money and personal data are protected at all times. This means that you can sit back and allow the robot and your broker to do all your trading for you. The reviews on the website are also very encouraging to newcomers, because, their experiences are very favourable.