How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?


The best casino dealers are those who enjoy the fun, excitement and glamour of the casino. A multifaceted role, a casino dealer not only makes or breaks gamblers on the spin of a wheel or the turn of a card, but they also have to deal professionally with the frustrated punters who are weary, drunk or losing, whilst keeping the game going for other players without fuss or bother.

Working as a casino dealer means you are able to work flexible hours. From brick-and-mortar casinos to cruise ships and online sites like Royal Panda Casino croupiers deal cards or spin real roulette wheels that players can place their bets on. The opportunities for travel and the tips can make for a great career, even if basic pay is low.

Casino dealer wages

Minimum wage

The casino business falls under the service sector related to the arts, entertainment and recreation. There are no actual qualifications required to become a dealer, though all must have good numeracy skills, an ability to work well within a team, and excellent customer service skills.  In the UK, there is an NVQ in Gaming, but most people learn ‘on the job’.

For a new casino dealer, earnings in the UK are around GBP12,000 rising to GBP15,000 for more experienced dealers.  In London, new croupiers earn around GBP17,000 each year, rising to about GBP20,000 within a couple of years. Good casino dealers can earn between GBP400 and GBP500 in tips each month, dealers can earn an extra 30 per cent in the form of tips.

There is room for a casino dealer to progress in their career.  Within five years it is possible for a croupier to become an Inspector, earning around GBP28,000 plus tips in London and a little less in the rest of the UK.

Experience earns more

Wages for casino dealers are not differentiated by the game being played. Those dealing at baccarat tables earn the same as their colleagues at blackjack or poker games. The only difference in wages would be in relation to experience, which usually leads to a small annual increase. It is also worth bearing in mind that a working week, particularly as a new starter, is likely to be part-time hours.

Almost all casinos require dealers to work shifts to include nights, weekends and Bank Holidays. Croupiers may have fixed days off or be employed on a rolling rota so that all dealers can have an occasional weekend off.

With casinos open 24/7 it is also possible to work as a casino dealer only on part-time night shifts, which could be a good second job option for some. It is also worth noting that casino dealers are given 30-minute breaks for every 90 minutes of work.


Dependent on the casino where you work and the level of stakes in the game, it is possible to earn GBP10 and GPB35 per hour just in tips. Casino dealers at high-limit games to high rollers usually do well with tips, but not all high rollers tip, or tip low. Research has shown that the best tips are received by skilled dealers of poker games, though in some organisations, dealer’s tips are pooled.