How Much Does Diamond Drilling Cost in The UK?


In the UK, core drilling also known as diamond drilling is a precision technique used to create clean, circular holes in concrete structures, and it’s crucial for tasks like accessing utilities or installing wiring. The cost of core drilling can vary widely based on several factors such as hole size and project complexity. This guide aims to provide a concise overview of the costs associated with core drilling in the UK, offering clarity and insight for those planning to undertake such projects.

Quick Cost Overview

Diamond drilling costs in the UK are typically quoted per hole, with prices adjusting based on the diameter of the hole and the total number required. As a rough guide:

  • A 52mm hole might cost between £26 and £35, averaging around £30.50.
  • Larger holes, such as those 300mm in diameter, could range from £86 to £116, with an average cost of £101.
  • Daily rates for a two-person team might hover around £540, including £400 for labour and £140 for materials.

Factors Influencing Cost

The final cost of core drilling is influenced by:

  • Number of Holes: Bulk projects can often secure a lower per-hole rate.
  • Hole Size: Larger holes require more resources and time, increasing costs.
  • Location: Drilling in walls, floors, or ceilings can affect the complexity and price.
  • Access and Conditions: Difficult access or challenging conditions may increase costs.

Choosing a Service Provider

When selecting a core drilling service, it’s advisable to get multiple quotes to compare prices and services. Look for providers with solid experience and based within your area such as  Diamond Drilling London,  and ensure your contractor the necessary certifications to ensure quality work. 

While prices can vary, understanding the average costs and factors affecting them can help you budget more accurately for your core drilling needs in the UK. Always consult with professional drillers to get precise quotes for your specific project requirements.

Service Type

Cost Range

Average Cost

Factors Influencing Cost

Diamond Drilling (52mm hole) £26 – £35 £30.50 Hole size, number of holes, location, access conditions
Diamond Drilling (300mm hole) £86 – £116 £101 Hole size, number of holes, location, access conditions
Daily Rate for Two-Person Team £540 Includes £400 for labour and £140 for materials
Floor Sawing £5 – £15 per linear meter Depth of cut, material, job size, access, material type
Concrete Scabbling From £20 per square meter Area size, scabbling depth, manual or mechanical methods, project scope

Where Is the Best Area of the UK to Work for Diamond Drilling?

For professionals in the diamond drilling sector, London stands out as the premier location in the UK. The capital’s constant development and renovation projects offer abundant opportunities for skilled drilling specialists. Within London, areas like the City of London and Canary Wharf are especially lucrative due to their high volume of construction work related to financial and commercial buildings. These areas demand precision and expertise, often reflecting in higher rates of pay for diamond drilling professionals.

Additionally, the ongoing transformation projects in King’s Cross and the extensive redevelopment in South Bank and Nine Elms present further opportunities for those skilled in core and diamond drilling techniques. However, working in these densely populated and heavily trafficked areas requires coordination with traffic management and car recovery services to ensure that the inevitable disruptions caused by construction activities are managed effectively, keeping the city’s roads clear and safe. London’s dynamic construction landscape, combined with the necessity for specialized drilling services in its development projects, marks it as the top choice for professionals in the diamond drilling field.

How Much Does Floor Sawing Cost?

Floor sawing, or flat sawing is another trade commonly offered by diamond drilling contractors. It is a method employed to cut horizontal surfaces like concrete and asphalt. It’s commonly used for creating trenches, installing pipes, making expansion joints, and removing damaged sections of pavement. The cost for floor sawing in the UK varies depending on several factors including the depth of the cut, the material, and the project’s complexity. Prices might range from £5 to £15 per linear meter for cuts in standard concrete thickness. For deeper or more complex cuts, the costs could be higher. Factors such as job size, access, and material type also influence the final quote.

How Much Does Concrete Scabbling Cost?

Concrete scabbling involves chipping away the top layers of concrete to roughen the surface. This process is used for removing imperfections, preparing surfaces for repainting or resurfacing, and improving the bonding surface for overlays. Costs for concrete scabbling start at around £20 per square metre for basic services in the UK. The price can increase depending on the area’s size, the scabbling depth required, and whether manual or mechanical methods are used. Because project scopes vary widely, it’s recommended to obtain a tailored quote for the most accurate pricing.