How Photo Booths Are Changing Event Experiences


We live in a world in which the majority of us spend our time looking through a lens. We want to capture memories and share those memories not only with our loved ones but with the world via social media. Every single second, thousands and thousands of images are shared on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. 

Our desire to share every part of our lives has become second nature so it should come as no surprise then that social photo opportunities via digital photo booths are now changing the entire event experience. It’s doing it to such a degree that the term ‘Instagrammable’ has now become an event description in itself.

If you want to ensure your next event is keeping up with the times then you’re without a doubt going to require a photo booth of your own at your next event. Still not convinced that a digital photo booth software is the way forward? Then you’ll want to carry on reading before you miss one of the must-haves of the century.

The Instagram Effect

Instagram has easily become one of the biggest platforms out there. It offers a super easy-to-use selection of editing tools as well as numerous different features and filters depending on your follower size.

Due to its popularity and people’s desire to share as many updates about where they are and what they’re doing, more and more people are now ensuring their events are ‘Instagrammable’. For a great number of companies, having events created specifically towards Instagram has fuelled much of their success, from Color Factory to Museum Of Ice Cream. 

In fact, it only takes a few searches on Google to discover that businesses all over the country are doing exactly the same with every lasting foliage across shop fronts and strategically placed traditional bicycles as props. The question is however, what can a social or rather a digital photo booth do for your events and how is it going to change the event experience? 

The Event Experience

Well, that’s just the point isn’t it? Events are no longer simply a place to launch a new product, where people see what you have to offer and enjoy a few drinks and nibbles at the same time. Events are becoming far more experienced based than ever before which is where the Photo Booth comes in, hitting not only the demand for memorable experiences but the demand for ‘Instagrammable’ moments too. 

Providing a photo booth at your next event is the perfect way to take advantage of both demands and what’s more, it can be done rather easily with the help of digital photo booth software from Snappic. Snappic are the leading suppliers of digital photo booth software and can provide you with an entirely bespoke, branded experience to ensure that even after the event has ended, your brand is a continual talking point for years to come.

Snappic – Here To Take You Into The Future

Snappic provides digital photo booth software that can be used on iPads making them totally manoeuvrable and far less cumbersome than the old fashioned photo booth. More than that, it offers you the ability to create GIFs too, allowing you to move past a mere static image and move firmly into the future. For more information, contact Snappic today.