How Sales And Marketing Can Work Together To Accelerate Growth


Marketing and sales are two core components in a company. Each department is working towards the same goal. They both want to secure business for the company and help the firm grow. Whilst this might be their shared goal, there are also slight differences that distinguish each department.

The marketing team aims to increase awareness around the company to its intended audience. It promotes the product or service they aim to provide. By increasing brand awareness, the marketing team generates leads the sales department uses to turn into sales.

The sales team use a more direct process. Aside from following up on the leads generated by the marketing team, they are often the point of contact for customers. The sales teams are the face and voice of the business. They guide customers towards purchasing their product or service.

Alongside securing business for the company, both teams possess an understanding of their clients. The marketing team will likely speak to any leads who contact the business through a social media channel, whilst the sales team might communicate through email or on the phone. Whichever way they interact, both parties have a solid understanding of the company’s target audience and what they respond well to.

Aside from this, they both have skills, knowledge and expertise that could help the other department. In doing so, it could have a positive impact on the business overall.

Ways Sales Can Help Marketing

It is believed that the sales team is the heart of a company. They bring in the sales to enable the company to grow. However, it is also the work and support of other departments that help the business to succeed. One department, in particular, is the marketing team. The marketing team helps in creating the brand image for the business. There are ways in which the sales team can support the marketing department in establishing a positive reputation for the company. Here are a couple of ways they can integrate to achieve this.

  • Providing Detailed Feedback – The sales team are often the main point of contact for customers and leads. They are the point of contact for customers if they have any queries about the product or services. They can ask for further information about the business. The conversations the sales team have with customers helps them to understand what consumers consider the selling points of a business. With this information, they can pass it to the marketing team, who can look at ways they can incorporate this data into future marketing materials. It will allow the marketing team to generate more leads, which they can then pass on to the sales team.
  • Collect Testimonials And References – Many consumers will take into consideration the reviews left by former customers. It helps to gain an understanding of what to expect if they were to purchase a product or service from a business. The more positive reviews there are, the higher the chances are of them moving forward with the company. These positive testimonials and references can make excellent marketing materials. The sales team can encourage their customers to leave a testimonial or ask if they would like to submit a reference that will be used in a marketing campaign or feature on the website.

Ways Marketing Can Help Sales

As there are multiple ways that the sales team can help the marketing department, the marketing team can also provide tremendous support for sales. The marketing team have a deep understanding of the business. They possess all of the data and statistics which can be beneficial in capturing the interest of potential clients, helping the sales team to secure new clients and extra business for the company. These are some additional ways marketing can support the sales team.

  • Help With Writing Content – The marketing team generate content for the business. From online blog posts, social media updates and press releases, the marketing team are well-equipped at writing engaging content that promotes the business. Since they are well-versed in everything there is to know about the business, it makes them the ideal people to speak to if you want to provide better content to potential leads and clients. The sales team can utilise the expertise of the marketing team to improve their sales pitches. It could be on an email, on the phone or in a meeting – the quality of content the marketing team can provide could help secure business with a potential client.
  • Sending The Right Files – If sales are chasing a potential lead, they want to have the information they need on hand or sent to them as soon as possible. Most businesses prefer being sent files in a PDF format. It is partially due to easy use, quality, security reasons and others they prefer that format. The marketing team can create duplicates of files they have worked on, ensuring that they have been saved in different file formats they are ready. Using tools, such as an online image converter to change a JPG to a PDF can help save time. It enables them to operate more efficiently and potentially be successful with their lead.

Benefits Of Both Teams Working Together

Both teams can work together. They can help the other team to succeed in achieving their targets. It boosts business for the company too. There are various reasons why marketing and sales should work together. These are some of the benefits they can reap.

Build Stronger Relationships And See Better Engagement

Teams that communicate effectively will notice an improvement in the overall company culture. They will also notice an improvement in the quality of work. When your marketing team and sales team communicate, you will see an improvement in their relationships and strength in their work. Over time, they can learn to trust each other and the expertise both parties have to offer.

Instead of focusing separately on the same campaign, working together will be more impactful. Any potential leads can be better handled and potential buyers will likely be impressed by the efficiency of the business.

Keep Ahead Of The Competition

Staying ahead of competitors in the industry is crucial. It ensures that the business is at the top of its game, making them the ideal choice for consumers.

A common task for the marketing team is analysing what their competitors are doing. It could be anything from the posts they are uploading to updates they are making to their websites. Monitoring the competition, the marketing team can gain further information around industry trends and how their company is doing in comparison.

When both teams collaborate, the marketing department can regularly inform the sales side of any tactics used. They can also inform of the positioning of the competition. Using this information, the sales team can use it in their pitches to potential customers. It can help them show leads that their services or products are better than their competition.

Having both your marketing and sales teams aligned will have a noticeable difference to your business. You will see how more efficiently and smoother processes are run and handled. Remember that you will only begin to reap the benefits when both teams are aligned.