How self-storage can help with business expansion and relocation


No matter how big or small they are, adjusting to changes within your business can be difficult. And when you’re expanding or relocating, you have the added stress of physically moving your belongings and resources too. That’s why we recommend utilising self-storage facilities during this time. Below, we’ve highlighted how self-storage can help with business expansion and relocation and why you may want to consider this as a holding option. 

Store stock and equipment

External storage sites are great for storing stock and equipment that you don’t need right away. Safe and secure, you know exactly where they are at all times and will have peace of mind that your items won’t get damaged. Plus, you can easily access them again once you do need them.

Store documents and records to free extra space

Self-storage is great for storing all of your business documents and records – not only does this free up office space, but it also keeps all of your important information in one place. Whether you’re moving to a new property or expanding your current one, a lack of proper organisation can easily lead to documents becoming lost or damaged, so utilising self-storage could prove invaluable during this time. 

Storing surplus and seasonal inventory

Many businesses will see their stock fluctuate throughout the year, largely due to periods of high or low demand (most often seasonal related). This, of course, means that stock won’t always be needed, and keeping it all in your office space only increases the likelihood of damage and loss. That’s where a self-storage unit comes in, allowing you to keep stock you don’t need out of the way. This will not only save space but also allow you to see what it is you actually have, meaning you can better plan your inventory. 

What’s more, if you’re relocating to a new location, it doesn’t make sense to go to the effort of moving all of your stock between your old and new sites, especially when it’s not required at this current moment in time. If you know you won’t need certain items for another few months, it’s better to put these into storage now so you can focus on the most important stock while you’re juggling your move.

Moving office furniture and supplies

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of a business relocation is moving all of your furniture and supplies, especially if you don’t know what you’ll need until you’re actually in the space. That’s why with  large self-storage units, you’ll have plenty of room to store your office furniture and supplies whilst you get your new location set up. If you need to make changes to the space before you move in, the last thing you want is for your furniture to be in the way.

Utilising self-storage will also make it easier when re-organising and decorating your new office or building as you’ll have a clearer idea of what furniture you already have and what you may need to buy or hire to improve the efficiency or layout of the space. 

Storage solutions are flexible and convenient

The great thing about using self-storage solutions during your business’s expansion or relocation is that they are flexible and easy to access. How long you rent the storage space for is completely up to you, with most companies offering rolling contracts, meaning you can hire the unit for just one month or even a full year if needed. 

What’s more, self-storage facilities are very safe with excellent locks and security measures in place to protect your belongings. However, it’s also easy enough to access your unit whenever you need to, with some companies even offering 24/7 access.  

Self-storage can be an invaluable resource for businesses who are expanding or relocating. Whether you need to store stock and equipment, documents and records, surplus inventory or office furniture and supplies, a storage unit offers a flexible solution that is both secure yet easily accessible when needed. With rolling contracts available from most companies too, it’s easy to hire the space on your own terms and use it as little or as often as you’d like. If you’re looking for an efficient way of storing business items without compromising safety then self-storage may just be the ideal answer – so why not consider this option today?