How to Balance Between Studies and Co-curriculum Activities as an MBA Student


College life can be overwhelming for most students considering the range of workload each day. Academics are essential for college students, but it is equally crucial to ensure that there is a balance with the co-curriculum activities. This balance will provide an improvement in the overall performance of an MBA student.

Extracurricular activities offer students an opportunity to grow in management, planning their time, and communication skills. It helps students get the most out of their potential while striking a balance in the two areas of academic excellence.

Competition has made business students, rather than studying and enjoying the whole process, focused on only gaining knowledge. Parents and teachers have exerted this pressure on students, and nobody is bothered in examining their talents through co-curriculum activities. Such activities as:

  • College debates;
  • Theatre arts;
  • Music;
  • Journalism clubs among others.

Such activities offer an essential part of campus life. So, how do you balance studies and extra-curriculum activities as an MBA student? Here are tips you should take note of.

Put Your Academic First

The priority in college should be your MBA career. Extra-activities are part of the process, but that should never substitute the fact that your studies create a foundation for a brighter future and the soul reason for enrolling in the business college. Therefore, make most of the time for your studies and assign the rest for other activities.

Choose Extra-Curriculum Activities Well

Always be selective about choosing co-curricular activities. Spend most of the time in a move that concurs with the business course you are undertaking. If you like debates, go ahead; that will provide you with better communication skills to see you grow in the business course.

Another activity that can be useful and the right combination will be to join an organization and leadership club. Leadership is a vital part of the development of your business career. Therefore, it is ideal for any business student to choose their course based on interest and course they are undertaking.

 Time Management

The management of time has a vital role in the success of your business career. Students’ lives are filled with a lot of scholarly activities, and anybody can end up confused and overwhelmed, forgetting what they should do. In the process, some fail to put a balance between their studies and other activities. It is healthier to keep a proportion of the two, but that is not possible if you cannot manage your time effectively.

For that reason, ensure that much time is not spent on one task as most students do. If it is an essay, seek help from “write my essay UK” services. Secondly, create a time table for all the tasks and the expected time to complete it. Lastly, divide the time based on the significance of the tasks or activities. However, co-curriculum activities also have to be given enough working time.

Get Professional Advice from a senior

A productive balance of the MBA studies and the activities will propel your growth and live a good life while learning in college. For a keen knowledge of the same, you can look for a professional or senior student to share their views on balancing the two. Since they have managed their time, extracurricular activities, and studies without compromising their academic goals, be sure to get the best advice. On the other hand, a professional and academic advisor can offer guidance on selecting the best activities.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

To manage and maintain a successful balance between studies and other extra-activities, you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To do this, try to pay attention to small details such as sleeping early, eating healthy foods, and eventually, you will start to experience the impact in a few days. Sleep remains a vital part of the process of adopting a healthy life while preparing to study and doing co-curriculum activities. Furthermore, avoid being lazy and procrastination to reduce wastage of time.

A successful career in business as an MBA student demands discipline in the highlighted areas. Always focus on maintaining a balance while focusing more on the studies. Extracurricular activities boost your leadership skills as well as in the management of your time. The tips will assist you in achieving a comfortable balance in your MBA studies and co-curricular activities.

You can conduct further research online and learn more about gaining a balance in your college life. Such information is essential as it makes a student get the most of themselves while in school despite their tight schedule. It helps to understand this rare but essential skill.