How to choose a chain according to the shape of the weave


Today, jewellery is a large group of products made of precious metals, with or without stones. They are the perfect addition to the looks you create and accentuate your chosen style with sophistication. You can buy them inexpensively or pay a fortune for them. They are used in everyday life as well as on the most solemn occasions. No woman, man or child can resist their attractiveness.

But there is a universal piece of jewellery that is worn by literally everyone, regardless of gender or age. These are gold chains They are used as a base for a pendant (cross, pendant) or as an independent decorative element. The Fjewellery offers a huge selection of such jewellery to suit all tastes. You can choose models that accentuate elegance and sophistication or, on the contrary, help to demonstrate masculinity and strength. All you have to do is open the catalog, make your choice and buy at the best price.

Types of chain weaving

Even the Bible mentions chains as a symbol of power and authority. But jewellery made of silver and gold began to be made long before it was written. Back then there was very little technology to weave them. Most often it was the anchor weave, which was obtained by connecting many links in series. It is still used today, as it is durable, reliable and easy to make. This is the best option for wearing a large pendant or cross.

But today, jewellers offer many other methods of weaving to produce pieces with different styles. The most popular ones are:

  • Bismarck. The result is a rather massive spiral-shaped chain that will go well with a business suit or evening dress.
  • Venetian chain weaving. It is essentially an improved anchor weave. Uses flat, fairly wide links. They can be of different shapes.
  • Armoured chain weaving. It resembles the interweaving of rings in chainmail. One of its types is the Singapore technique, particularly favoured by women. This versatile weave emphasises the elegance and delicacy of the image and goes well with any style.
  • Fancy weaving. It gives jewellers unlimited freedom, so every piece of jewellery made in this style is unique.

The shop’s assortment offer chains of these and many other weaving styles. They are made of gold or silver. The choice depends only on your preferences. Prices are shown below the photo of each item. The Fjewellery, in addition to new jewellery, offers pre-owned ones that look impeccable but are much cheaper. You can also buy pendants, crosses and other jewellery here. The company has its own workshop; therefore, it also accepts orders for various styles of jewellery.