If you were to look up bookies operating in the UK, you’d be amazed by the selection. There seems to be a new bookie coming into the scene each day. So, finding a bookie should not be hard. All you do is look up UK bookies and the whole search page fills with suggestions. The difficulty comes in finding the best bookie for you. You see, a bookie may check all the boxes but might still not be right for you. Let’s show you how you can narrow down on the most suitable options:


As you start your journey to find the right bookie, you will probably have tens of sites you can consider. Let’s show you how you can narrow down this list using the steps below:

  1. Find out if the site has licensing. Licensing pretty much means that the site operates under the oversight of a gambling authority. What does this mean? It implies that an authority investigates the site’s gambling policies, financial transactions, and negotiates disputes between the site and its players. All top UK bookies have licensing, which allows you to lodge claims against them when you feel you’ve suffered the short end of the stick. Now, how can you know that a site has licensing? Easy! Most sites list their licensing certification on their main page.
  2. Investigate the validity of the license. A bookie could state that they have licensing from a gambling authority even when this is not the case. For example, a site could have been licensed in 2016 but has not updated the license or has had its license revoked. Rather than take the site’s word for it, check with the licensing authority on the validity of the license.
  3. Gauge the seriousness of the licensing authority. Some gambling authorities are very hands-on in their approaches. They are open to receiving and settling claims and cracking down on sites that do not abide by their laws. But some authorities are very lax on enforcing their rules. So, you might want to check whether an authority tends to side with the players or with the bookie.


You do not want to wager money on a site that does not have the jurisdiction to operate in the UK. Why? You might not get your earnings. Essentially, that site is operating illegally in the region. So, even if it refused to pay you what it owes you, there’s no avenue you can use to report its activities. Even if you petition its licensing authority, you will not have much of a chance to win this case. Most sites that offer services in regions they should not do so are probably even using very lax gambling authorities.

The Range of Games

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open an account with only one bookie? That way, you can focus on funding only one account. But the only way to do this is by choosing a bookie with an extensive range of sports and games. How big is the menu? Can you find all your favorite sports on it? Now is the time to explore your options. Otherwise, you will limit your wagering opportunities.


How competitive are the odds? Odds are a matter of probability based on past and present statistics. Bookies then throw in a bit of subjectivity and come up with some figures. That’s why bookies will have different odds – they may be close to each other but will hardly ever be the same. Now, this is where you can make a killing. Explore the patterns in each of the bookies you would like to use. Which site tends to have the most competitive odds? Keep in mind that the more competitive they are, the higher your chances of winning big.

Site Interface

How easy is it to navigate the site? A professional bookie will ensure that everyone, including beginners, can find what they need on the site without much fuss. You should not have to contact customer support or spend minutes moving from one menu to the other to find a game. Get a feel of what each site looks like by accessing each even before signing up. Make a list of the sites that are easy to explore and ignore the ones that require you to get a degree in computer science.

Payment Processing Speeds

Before we even get to the payment methods, let’s look at how fast you can deposit or withdraw money from the site. Professional bookies ensure that you can get your money as fast as possible. But upcoming sites tend to be slower with their processes. Some sites take up to five business days to process a withdrawal! Why work with such speeds yet you can get your money processed in less than a day? The longer a site stays with your money, the more the chances of getting swindled once the site experiences a financial crisis.

The Payment Methods

How would you like to withdraw and deposit money on the site? Most sites now offer a range of payment methods, including e-wallets and digital currencies. So, there’s no need for you to effect wire transfers if that does not suit your financial needs. You can find out the available payment methods even before signing up and gauge how suitable they are for you. Don’t forget to look up the associated transaction costs and whether they are affordable relative to the amounts.

Mobile Betting

Does the site come with mobile betting? Mobile betting comes in two forms- on the site or through an app. Either way, the site customizes the mobile betting experience to ensure you can enjoy the games as much as you would on a PC. Is this the case? It makes betting much more convenient for you and allows you to bet on the go. Besides, it also allows you to enjoy live betting.


What signup offers and promotions are available to new users? You need to understand what you can get from signing up and whether there are any rewards in your future. With so many sites offering generous rewards, do not miss out on this chance.

Finally, check out the customer support and decide if you like their vibe before signing up on a site. All the best!